Heartbreaking Story Of This Man Who Died After Celebrating His 100th Marriage Anniversary

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Marriage is the most special bond which is expected to live forever just like love. We would never want to part ways with our partner. But death is uncertain and unstoppable. This couple had just celebrated their 100th anniversary after which the husband died. Read heartbreaking story of what happened exactly to this man.

man died after 100th anniversary heartbreaking story

In Bathinda Bhagwaan Singh, 120, of Hararangpura, who celebrated the hundredth day of remembrance of the wedding with family and villagers fifteen days past, died at four o’clock on Monday. Once the address was complete, the whole village was up for the last glimpse. everybody ought to be wanting forward to the shoulders to create the last journey unforgettable adorned with balloons.

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There was only one say on the everyone’s face within the village that the oldest man invariably helped others and never go a burden on anyone. While he had talked regarding pension 2 days past. Chand Singh, 90, reached 2 days ago. So they talked regarding pension.


All Of  A Sudden It All Happened

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He was the oldest man in our village, whose voice was conjointly quite exciting. Joginder Singh, 85, said, he was quite healthy. Son Natha Singh said that his father slept at night. At four o’clock in the morning, suddenly there was a sudden pain in the legs. Quarter-hour past pressing the legs, he asked regarding the pain, the solution wasn’t answered. He then called his family members. By then, he had died. This info wasn’t given to mother.

122-year-old wife was not informed about his death. So when a crowd of individuals started growing within the house itself, it absolutely was understood by her that her husband was no more. She then said I can’t even live while crying.

Such a sad story. I’m sure you are almost in tears now. But this is what life is all about. While sudden things happening around us. Now see how they celebrated their 100th wedding anniversary recently in the next article. Meet The Oldest Couple Who Has Celebrated Their 100th Anniversary – True Love Exists!