First Ever Flying Taxi In The World Took Test Flight In Dubai, Check The Photos

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Dubai is known for its matchless innovative approach. Undoubtedly, the largest and the most populous city in UAE, Dubai is well equipped with latest technology. However, this time the city was introduced to a whole new level of transport when world’s first flying taxi was tested there. Yes! You have read it right, the technology is going to introduce us to new taxies that fly in the sky.


Flying Taxi Test Flight

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Dubai was staged for the test of the flying taxi. On the gulf coast, the taxi took its test flight. It looked like a small 2-seater helicopter, however, no one was sitting inside it. Furthermore, the flying taxi was controlled by a remote and it seemed like a giant drone in the sky. Moreover, it flew on an altitude of 200 meter continuously for a few minutes. Although, it was not a big period of time but it was enough for a test run.


A Special Ceremony

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Developed by German drone firm Volocopter, the taxi was tested in the ceremony that was arranged for Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed.


Well Equipped With Safety Stuff

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The taxi is meant to drive without remote control and it will be well equipped with all the safety features. To conclude, it will have backup batteries, rotors and a couple of parachutes for the worst case scenario.


Many Firms In The Competition

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Volocopter is not the only firm that got this concept but there are many European and US firms that are planning to take the transport to a new level by making a hybrid of driverless electric car and vertical takeoff and landing aircrafts. These firms include, aerospace giant Airbus, which is planning to introduce self-piloting taxi in the air by 2020 and Kitty Hawk, a company backed by Larry Page, the co-founder of Google.

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Undoubtedly, the future will have a different picture of transportation. What do you say? Share in the comments.



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