Flight Attendant Reveals That Arriving Late At The Airport Can Be Good Sometimes

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At least, for once in our lives, we all have faced the hurry to reach the airport before the scheduled time. We do so to avoid delays and unexpected mishaps. But have you ever wondered what happens when you arrive late at the airport? Well, arriving late can be rewarding for you sometimes. A flight attendant, Kamila Jakubjakova, known for her insights into travel, suggests a unique approach to airport timings for potential benefits. Continue reading to know more about the trick.


Why Arriving Late Can Be Beneficial?

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Flight Attendant Kamila Jakunjakova has shared her reasons why arriving late at the airport can be beneficial. She stated that airlines sometimes oversell tickets and anticipate that all passengers may not show up. However, in an overbooked flight, economy class passengers may be upgraded to business class if all passengers do arrive. Further, she suggests that passengers who check in closer to the departure time are considered “extra” passengers. And the flight might give you an upgrade or compensation for the same. Thus, it can potentially lead to unexpected perks. However, this is not a guaranteed outcome and may not be worth the risk of missing your flight.


Cons For The Same

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Jakubjakova’s advice may seem counterintuitive. It is essential to know that arriving late at the airport can also have downsides. For example, you may miss your flight if you arrive too late. This can add to your expenses and stress. Also, you might not have enough time to check in the luggage, which can further lead to the baggage not making the flight.

It is generally advised that the passengers arrive at the airport at least two hours before the departure. This is to allow enough time for security and boarding. However, the current situation at the airports is unpredictable.


Now, many airlines are sending advisories to passengers to reach the airport earlier than usual. Jakubjakova offers a different perspective on the timings and interaction with the crew. You are providing a smoother and an enjoyable journey. But, on the other hand, one must take care and not be extra late to miss the flight and make the situation worse for themselves. Have you ever tried this hack and got an upgrade? What are your views on the topic discussed above? Please let us know your take in the comment section below. We’re waiting for your response. Stay tuned for further updates.

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