These Are The Five Simplest Ways To Save Energy


Not all energy is renewable, and utilities are costly. We would all like to save money and live more responsibly. These five simple tips will help you do both.


1. Cooking Alternatives


Everybody has to eat, but using the stove heats up the house — especially the oven. In cooler months, turn off your heat when the oven is on. In warmer months, try these alternatives:

Grill out, especially in temperate weather.

Slow-cookers and instant pots are extremely versatile and give off little heat.

Sandwiches and microwavable dishes are quick and easy.

Toaster ovens can handle many dishes with some adjustments to cooking times and temperatures.

Cookbooks dedicated to these kitchen appliances are readily available and inexpensive, and you can find no-cook recipes online.


2. Regular Maintenance


Have your HVAC and major appliances regularly serviced to avoid expensive repairs. This also ensures that they are operating efficiently. Do not try to install, service, or repair your HVAC system yourself — call a professional.

Clean or change the filters on everything with a filter — air purifiers, vacuums, everything. The more efficient your equipment, the less energy it needs and the longer it lasts.

Set ceiling fans correctly for the season. They should run clockwise in the winter and counterclockwise during summer months.


3. Upgrade


Update your light bulbs, electrical devices, and appliances. Older bulbs and devices use more energy than newer models. You can offset upgrade costs by selling older equipment, but the money you save pays for them in time.

Your HVAC uses the most energy in your home — more than lighting, TV, media and all other appliances combined! Upgrading your HVAC system could halve your energy usage.


4. Insulate


Insulate your attic, crawlspace, basement and water heater. You can install insulation yourself, but wear protective goggles, long-sleeve clothing, blue jeans, and an air mask because insulation contains fiberglass.

Caulk around windows, doorways, and baseboards, too. Expect to use about one-half cartridge for each window and door, and four cartridges for the baseboards, cracks, and crevices. This is easy, though time-consuming, DIY project you can complete over a weekend.


5. Consider A Smart Home


You can have a “smart home” for very little money. All you need is a personal assistant and a compatible thermostat for an automatically climate-controlled home. Other options include smart plugs to control lights and appliances remotely and program them to turn off and on at specified times, such as dusk and dawn.

There are smart refrigerators, stoves, toilets, and other home accessories and appliances that can help you save energy, as well. They also alert you about possible issues, needed repairs, and even suggest ways to save energy.

Installation and setup are simple, but finding help is easy, should you need it. There is a lot of information online, including articles that help you determine the best smart home devices for your needs.

There are lots of ways to save energy, but these five tips are simple and don’t require drastic lifestyle changes or major renovations.

If we save the environment then the environment will save us. We all know that plants give oxygen to mankind to survive in this world. Humans are endangering life on earth. It is the need of the hour for every one of us to protect our environment.

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Anushka Jain
the authorAnushka Jain