Here Are The 5 Types Of Places To Take Your Bike Out On A Date


“A lot of stuff happens when you go out on a bike as it exposes you to the environment more than any other form of vehicle. Even while it’s raining, it is still fun.”

They say you never see a biker park his precious bike in front of a psychiatric clinic. There is a reason for it that motorcycle riders are often therapeutic. They are happy, but many riders find it difficult to get a date. Even if you find the one, it is not always easy to convince them to go on long rides. Although they play safe and include safety covers such as health insurance, bikers often explore places alone without a partner. They like to take all the roads not taken before.

Most new riders do not consider taking precautions that sometimes cost them a lot. For a single seasoned rider, it is easy to prepare the checklist and go on adventures, whereas, for new riders, it takes forever to decide what should be and whatnot.

Some tips and tricks for new riders who want to fly solo with all the knowledge of trip preparation are discussed further.


Pack All The Gears You Need For Your Safety

Gears are of utmost importance to every rider. They can save you from harsh weather conditions and severe injuries in case of any unfortunate events.

Pick all your essentials, such as:

  • Motorcycle riding gloves
  • Strong helmet
  • Bandana and sunglasses
  • Gadgets like phone, iPod, smartwatch
  • Knee pads
  • Tough weather shoes
  • Riding jacket and pants
  • Bike paper-like registration of the vehicle, pollution check, insurance

Once you are ready with your checklist, you can find your riding partner to have more fun along with adventure. If by any chance you are unable to find a partner, you can always take a bike and yourself out on a date. Let’s make it simple. Go on a solo trip and enjoy the most fantastic time with your bike.

You can choose many places where you can go on a date with your bike. Here are some of them:


1. Riding Bike With A Coffee


If it’s your first time dating a bike, make sure to take it only for short rides for a while. Go out to the cafes and grab your coffee. Like you, your bike needs some fuel as well. While you are having coffee, take your bike for a regular oil check-up. If the oil is present in lesser quantity, make sure to fuel it up.


2. Mountain Ride Date


Bikers have the most romantic dates in the mountains. Take your bike on long adventurous trips while making sure of all the safety covers such as motor insurance. While mountain dates are fun, they can turn dangerous anytime for you and your bike. If you have health insurance for yourself and two-wheeler insurance for your lovable motorcycle, you are safe under all conditions. Explore those places with your bike that are less traveled and provide more serenity.


3. Waterfront Bike Date


A date with your bike in a waterfront is always a fantastic idea to rejuvenate. Whether it is an ocean, a river, a lake, or a fresh-water stream, both you and your bike breath fresh. Make your preparations for a picnic beforehand. Fill up the tank and your food basket to have the time of your life. Check out this underwater Motorcycle challenge.


4. Catchup With Other Biker Friends


If you and your friends have always wondered about a trip on a long road merging with a sunset, a trip to Leh-Ladakh is your dream in the Himalayas. The journey to the Himalayan destinations is as beautiful as the destination itself. A perfect way to explore is to get on the back of your motorcycle and start the journey with your friends. While travel is breath-taking, it is equally important to have various safety nets like health insurance, two-wheeler insurance, and more. Check everything before starting and give your bike a perfect destination date.


5. Motorcycle Tour Date


If you don’t find a partner for yourself, you can always find a partner for your bike. Adventure bikers often conduct group tours which anyone can join by registering. You and your motorcycle may find better companions along with these motorcycle tours and like-minded people.


Always Stay Insured

While solo trips are fun, group tours can have better companionship where you find compatible people. Prepare your checklist and purchase health insurance along with two-wheeler insurance to avoid any medical and mechanical emergencies while you have the best dates with your bike.

Don’t let anything interrupt your adventure. Stay insured and ride safe.

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Anushka Jain
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