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The only one good thing about film industry is sometimes they do make movies that are inspirational and sometimes uplifts social problems. There are many great personalities in India who has very inspiring life journey.

This is not at all a top 10 list. And we can’t give numbering to any personality as everyone is unique and great in their own way. Among those personalities today we pick up 10 personalities who deserve a biopic.


1. Yuvraj Singh


Talks are going on about a biopic on the super inspiring life of Yuvraj Singh. Initially it was said that Ranbir Kapoor will play the lead role. On the other side, Yuvraj Singh had expressed his desire to see Akshay Kumar play his role.


2. Sudhanshu Biswas – Incarnation Of Will-Power


Sudhanshu Biswas, 95-year-old who is a freedom-fighter fought for the country in his youth. Biswas left the comforts of his home to fight for India’s freedom in his teenage itself. And age has not tired him. He now runs Sri Ramakrishna Sevashram (SRKS) in a village which is 35 kms from Kolkata. 

He was jailed by the British as he carried ‘live bombs’, survived gun battles . But, nothing ever stopped him. Now, SRKS is a home to thousands of orphan children. Not just that, this man has also set-up 18 free schools for underprivileged children. If that’s not inspirational, we don’t know what is.


3. Amitabh Bachchan – The Legend In Bollywood


If a biopic is made on Amitabh Bachchan’s life then it will hit Box Office for sure. In his initial days of film career he has faced rejection, has been showered love, faced near-death experience but nothing could stop him from coming out as a winner. He has an almost 5-decade long career and he is still signing some biggest films of Bollywood which have booked Holiday release dates for 2018 and 2019.


4. Raj Kapoor – The Greatest Showman Of Indian Cinema


Both as an actor and filmmaker, Raj Kapoor made huge name worldwide for his legendary filmography. He also remained in news for his personal life and affairs with top actresses of that time.


5. APJ Abdul Kalam – Missile Man


Late APJ Abdul Kalam who was India’s former President and Missile Man is one of the most respected personalities of our country. A biopic on his life will instill inspiration in the minds of youth.


6. Lal Bahadur Shastri – Embodiment Of Sacrifice


Lal Bahadur Shastri who served the nation as the second Prime Minister was also a great freedom fighter. Not many people know about him. His life story has a lot to tell. He tackled elementary problems like food shortage, unemployment and poverty. His biopic if made will sure inspire lot many people.


7. AR Rahman – Oscar winner


Well, does he need introduction? India’s pride and Oscar Winner music composer AR Rahman’s life is a real source of inspiration.


8. Meena Kumari – Tragedy Queen


Indian film actress, popularly known as the “tragedy queen” of Bollywood had a painful life. For those who like emotional stories, then her biopic will be a great watch as her life is filled with pain and sorrow.


9. PT Usha – Queen Of Indian Track And Field


She is one of the most iconic athletes that the country has ever produced. Usha is also known by her nickname Payyoli Express and is often called the Queen of Indian track and field. This ‘Golden girl’ is a symbol of perseverance. A biopic on her will bring out many athletes.


10. Rajinikanth – From Nobody To A Megastar


Before entering the film industry, he was a bus conductor and maybe that’s why he has become the symbol of humbleness even after achieving so much love, fame and money in his life. A biopic on Rajinikanth will make the people crazy. MS Dhoni biopic was already made and did you learn these things from this movie

There are many great personalities who really deserve a biopic as their life journey inspires a lot many people. Do you have any other personality in mind which deserves a biopic as well? Share us in the comments.

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