10 Bollywood Movies You Might Not Have Liked Much But Their Box Office Success Were Huge


Quality of content in Bollywood films declining since it has passed the golden era of Hindi films. Today Bollywood produces almost 1200 movies every year but only a few among them consist quality content.

The audience can blame filmmakers but it could have stopped if audience judge films properly and rejected the senseless films. Just criticising them after watching is not going to make difference because, despite the missing content, story, rationality and even entertainment, these films are making huge success on box office and collects hell lot of money just because their marketing strategy is perfect. Here is the list of 10 Bollywood movies which made huge success despite not liked by audiences much.


1. Son Of Sardaar – 135 Crores Across The Globe, 106 Crores In India Itself

son of sardaar.jpg

There is nothing much to talk about the storyline of this movie. This movie has nothing good in it except Salman promoted it but still, it collected 135 crores.


2. Bang Bang – 270 Crores All Over, 181 Crores In India

Bang Bang.jpg

Bang Bang has the storyline which was a bouncer for the audiences. Only fans of Hrithik and Katrina liked the film, rest of the audiences has criticized the movie because of a senseless script and illogical dialogues. Still, for a surprise, the film managed to earn 270 crores, huge number.


3. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo – 387 Crores All Over, 207 Crores In India

prem ratan dhan payo.jpg

Even though it was a film of Suraj Barjatya, it has nothing new to offer but still managed to made a hell lot of money because of Salman and Suraj Barjatya dua and was a Diwali release.


4. Dilwale – 372 Crores Worldwide, 148 Crores In India


This movie proved that if you have stars and some good supporting cast you can break box office success even if your script is crap and characters are silly.


5. Krrish 3 – 291 Crores Worldwide, 240 Crores In India


Krrish, India’s own superhero movie which was liked by kids and adults too but not certainly its third sequel. The movie has several stars like Priyanka, Kangana, and Hrithik but failed to impress the audience nevertheless, it’s success on box office was huge.


6. Housefull 3 – 195 Crores Worldwide, 109 Crores In India


Unlike Housefull 1 and Housefull 2, this sequel didn’t like by audience much. Even comedy lovers were not impressed.


7. Race 2 – 162 Crores Worldwide, 102 In India

Rce 2

Movie’s all over collection was 162 crores which are quite a decent for a movie like Race 2. It attracted the audience because of the previous success of Race, but disappointed most of them. The story was predictable and had loopholes too.


8. Ra. One – 207 Crores Worldwide, 115 Crores In India


Despite all the amazing work initiated by Red Chilies including 3D release, the movie got bashed by audience and critics as well. VFX in the movie was sublime but again story and the sensible script was missing in the movie.


9. Humshakals – 87 Crores Worldwide, 71 Crores In India


If this kind of movie can make 87 crores than any script can work if you have stars in your film. Critics declared it as one of the worst movie made in Indian history. It was a comedy movie which was not funny.


10. Shivaay – 146 Crores In Worldwide, 112 Crores In India

Huge Success

People consider Ajay Devgn as a serious actor who works in a commercial movie with good scripts. After the trailers of Shivaay, audience expectations increased but eventually, it disappointed the audience although it had some advance VFX work.

We all love our film industry but it, if we want to compete with the Hollywood and world cinema our filmmakers, as well as the audience, need to think beyond the love stories and good music. The script is the soul of any film and this is where we are lacking. Our pioneers like Satyajit Ray and Ritwik Ghatak kept benchmarks quite high we are nowhere near to those legends.