Be Extra Careful From Fraudulent While Linking Your Phone To Aadhaar



Government has made compulsory to link your Aadhaar Card with Pan Card with their respective bank accounts due to which common public is facing problems to complete this hectic procedure. Now government stated everyone to link Phone number with Aadhaar too.

We all consider it as government order which will benefit us in long-term but some see it as an opportunity to cheat the people and make money out of it.

Shashwat Gupta, Mumbai based boy working in Kozhikode is a victim of such fraud. Shashwat has tricked by a con which eventually caused him 1.3 lakh rupees.


Shashwat Shared His Ordeal On Facebook and Demanded His Bank To Refund Every Single Penny He Lost

ICICI bank immediately replied to Shashwat and told him that they have taken a serious note of it will look into the matter.

Shashwat received a call asking him to provide his sim number. Within minutes after he provided his number they made a duplicate sim of the same number and deactivated original sim card.

With this information and Sim number, all his money got dumped and they robbed his savings.

As soon as Shashwat shared this post on facebook it got spread everywhere on the web and created a fear among other people too. It can happen with anyone in much more bigger capacity. These type of scams we have seen only in films but eventually, films are just the reflection of our society and frauds exists in real life too.

Make sure that if you receive any such call asking your personal details or bank details don’t respond instead immediately complain to the police.

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