Fake Google Job: This One Phone Call Ruined The Life Of 12th Class School Boy

Fake Google Job



Sometimes, what we see and hear is not true. And this 12th class boy Harshit Sharma story reconfirms it. 

Yes, it is about Harshit Sharma, who went viral in the headlines with his Rs 12-lakh-per-month job by Google as the youngest graphic designer. 


Google said, “Currently, we don’t have any information on our records with respect to Harshit Sharma’s candidacy”.

Harshit’s mother, Bharti who is also a teacher from Kurukshetra, said Harshit got a hoax call, and not a letter informing him about his selection for the post of graphic designer.

“Harshit got a phone call. We did not believe it at first. I kept telling him it could be hoax,” said the mother. “He shared the information with his school principal, who further released a press note, which led to media coverage.”

Then from where letter has come? 


Bharti said that Harshit did not provide letter to the school. He had completed Class 12 from Government Model Senior Secondary School (GMSSS), Sector 33, this year.

The UT administration released a press note about Harshit’s achievement claiming that the internet giant would pay him Rs 12 lakh per month as salary after a year’s training. During training, it was claimed he will get a stipend of Rs 4 lakh per month. However, on Tuesday, Google denied having offered paid training and job to Harshit.

"Harshit hasn’t eaten since Tuesday and is hospitalized. Doctors say he is traumatized. Those who were congratulating us are now taunting us,” Bharti said.

Claiming they did not want to blame the principal or any teacher, Bharti said: “Harshit only told her about the call.”


Harshit’s grandfather, Prem Chand Sharma, commented on the controversy, saying, “A few days ago, Harshit had received a message on his phone about his selection. When he called back on the same number, it was not reachable. Then he consulted one of his school teachers who congratulated him on his achievement. We were very happy about his selection. We are not aware of any further development”.

However, school prinicipal Beniwal alleged that Harshit’s family had been evading the authorities and there phone number was also switched off. She has submitted a report to the education department after it ordered a probe on Tuesday.


Harshit’s school released a statement congratulating the boy earlier but the principal Indra Beniwal denied having seen a letter of appointment. The principal has stated that she was on leave and got information about the boy getting a job offer through two teachers. She has also forwarded messages exchanged between the teachers and Harshit’s family and the offer letter.

“I spoke to Harshit’s parents and he is under severe stress. The doctors have advised that he be kept away from any conversation on this topic. I have just given my report on the incident to the education department and the parents have admitted that it is Harshit’s mistake.”, said Beniwal.

However, Harshit’s Facebook page showed – Lives in California, Works at Google.

His uncle Ravi said, “Harshit had not got any document yet. But, he received a congratulatory call from some person claiming to be from Google, on phone. Then Harshit got in touch with his school and the school teachers further spread the news. We, ourselves, don’t know what all has happened”.

One disrespectful word is enough to break the relationship and one fake phone call is enough to make life upside down. And this 12th class boy has to undergo that deep stress and grief!!!!

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