8 Bollywood Stars Who Went Through Amazing Transformation To Deliver Perfection

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The dedication of the actors can be seen through their acting. Whether it is Hollywood or Bollywood we watch the movie and judge the actors on the basis of their performances. However, the hard work that the actor did to achieve the roles, remains overlooked. They go through extreme workout and lifestyle to fit in the shape of the role. They go through amazing transformations. Hence, today we have brought you such Bollywood stars that go through extreme stuff to get in the character.


1. Randeep Hooda


Known for his lean yet muscular shape Randeep Hooda went through an extreme lifestyle to deliver his best performance in Sarabjit. He starved himself until he look like a skinny and extremely tortured guy and undoubtedly nailed the character.


2. Aamir Khan


Although the role of young “Mahaveer Phogat” was not more than 15 minutes but Aamir khan worked hard for this role and transformed himself into a jacked up dude with beast like shoulders. And, fit himself in the shape of a wrestler in his prime.


3. Salman Khan


Speaking of wrestlers Salman Khan did similar stuff in the movie Sultan. First he gained weight for his role before interval. The pot belly scene speaks for itself. After it, he transformed himself again in a fighter figure.


4.  Priyanka Chopra


For the role of an amateur world champion boxer Mary Kom, Priyanka Chopra went through extreme workout as well as lifestyle. And, after watching the movie we can say she fits in the shoes of Mary Kom.


5. Farhan Akhtar


For the role of “Flying Sikh Milkha Singh”, the path for Farhan Akhtar was not an easy one. However, the dedication of the actor brought out the best in him. And his body shocked everyone since the first view of the trailer.


6. Hrithik Roshan


Hrithik Roshan has arguably the best body among Bollywood stars. But back in 2010 Hrithik put the fitness on the line and gained weight to fit the role of a paralyzed magician.


7. Bhumi Pednekar


Not many of us knew Bhumi Pednekar, until she worked opposite to Ayushman Khurana in Dum Laga Ke Haisha (2015). There she played the role of an overweight girl. But for our surprise, she used to work as a model and used to look like this.


8. Amitabh Bachchan


This one seems different than the above mentioned transformations. Amitabh Bachchan had to spend 4 hour daily for heavy makeup. Although the sitting part seems like an easy deal but it is not easy to sit rigid for continuous 4 hours. No doubt, the legend Amitabh Bachchan nailed the role of 13 years old boy who is suffering from progeria.

Going through the list we can conclude that the flashy life of the stars is a result of extreme hard work and dedication. What do you conclude about it? Share your thoughts.


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