Grotesque Events Around The World That Prove That We’ve Done Some Serious Damage To The Planet

Some Serious Damage To The Planetvia

We’ve been told for long that the climatic conditions are changing drastically. In the past few decades, there has been some drastic irreversible damage to our planet; we are solely responsible for these mishaps. What we tend to forget is that everything on this planet is inter-related. Damage to the environment is creating discomfort to all living organisms. It will soon fuel our end too. The need of the hour is to stop damaging and join hands to rebuild this planet.
The disturbing events that occurred around the world are: –


1. Lack Of Male Green Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles Damage

Temperature is the deciding factor for the sex of green sea turtles; not chromosomes. The temperature of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia has increased dramatically in the past decades. Due to this, 99.8% turtles have become females. If this continues, all population will soon turn female which will stop any further copulation. This will soon lead to the species’ extinction.


2. Icy Death Of Sharks In USA

Frozen Shark Damage

2017 has seen drastic temperature drops in the US. Sharks have been seen ashore frozen to death due to cold shocks. Iguanas have fallen off the trees due to low temperatures in Florida, as per reports.


3. Snowfall In Sahara Desert

Snow In Sahara Damage

Can you imagine one of the hottest places in the world receiving snowfall for consecutively 3 years in a row? Sahara Desert has witnessed this drastic change due to extreme weather conditions. How will the animals that are adapted to heat, survive in the cold?


4. Disappearance Of Islands In The Pacific Ocean

Disappearence of islands in pacific ocean damage

Due to melting of polar icecaps, the sea levels have risen exorbitantly. The waters of the Pacific Ocean have engulfed about eight islands. The coasts and low lying regions are at increased risks.

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