Grotesque Events Around The World That Prove That We’ve Done Some Serious Damage To The Planet

Some Serious Damage To The Planetvia

9. Heat In Australia Is Melting The Roads

road damage due to heat wave

Australia has recorded sustained high temperature ranges of 100-110 degrees Fahrenheit. This has caused damage to the asphalt roads, leading to destruction.


10. Increased Radioactivity In The Arctic Ocean

radioactive damage to the artic ocean

Reduced ice cover and permafrost thawing has occurred in the Arctic ocean due to global warming. This has ultimately resulted in the increase of radioactive Radium-228. If it increases further, radioactivity is going to cause a lot of damage to the ocean ecosystem


11. No Chocolate By 2050

No Cocoa by 2050 damage

Can you imagine a life without chocolate? Cocoa plants are struggling to survive in the increased temperatures. At this rate, chocolate might get extinct by 2050.


12. Low Production Of Wine In Europe

No production in European Winery damage

Extreme climatic conditions like frost and drought has immensely affected wine production in top wine producing countries like Spain, Italy, Germany and France.

We have pushed our world to a limit where these scary things have started happening at an alarming rate. If we keep this up, we can no longer enjoy certain beauties, food and places in this world. It’s time to make a change, and fast. If we don’t make a change soon these things are not the only things that are gonna happen. Here are a few cities which are most likely to disappear in the future.

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