These Are Some Common Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Always Practice

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Etiquette helps us be thoughtful about our behavior and respect others’ feelings and rights. Etiquette encourages respect and helps us get along with others. It is culturally bound and promotes reverence for people of other cultures. Whether in the workplace or at a social event, etiquette implies respectful conduct and may aid in developing interpersonal relationships. Here’s a list of the basic etiquette rules that you should practice to appear charming and respectful.


1. Greetings

Etiquette Rules

The importance of a proper greeting cannot be overstated. Since the first impression is so important, it’s helpful to be aware of a few guidelines: You can shake a person’s hand quickly, not holding it for an extended period of time or pulling it toward you. You should value the personal space of your counterpart. Patting others on the shoulder is considered impolite. A man should bow slightly when greeting a woman.


2. Communication


Punctuality is crucial. It would be best if you were on time or early for meetings. You should call your partner and apologize if you will be late—compliment citizens regularly. Your partner will be pleased, and you will be able to demonstrate your ability to observe, your ability to notice information, and your genuine interest in your companion.


3. Posture

Etiquette Rules

When sitting, good posture and leg position are essential. If you’re sitting in a low armchair, don’t cross one leg over the other. Maintain a near knee-to-knee distance and parallel legs. You may also do the “Cambridge cross,” which involves placing one foot behind the other and crossing your ankles. It has the potential to make you feel like a queen.


4. Clothes

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The right clothes will boost your confidence and help you make an excellent first impression. It does not mean that you should spend a lot of money on clothes. Consider how important it is for a man always to have perfectly clean shoes and a well-fitting jacket. A suit should have the same design throughout and be properly fitted.

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