15 Rules Of Modern Etiquette That Are Essential To Follow

Modern Etiquette


Based on current trends in corporate world or in professional world, we need to follow certain manners and make ourselves comfortable.


1. Inform Before You Visit Anyone’s House


Not everyone like unexpected guests. Moreover, if you visit their home without informing them, then they may not receive you properly which in turn hurts a lot. So, to avoid that, it’s better to inform them that you are visiting their house instead of giving sudden surprise.

Note: If any person doesn’t respect you whether that person is a relative or outsider then better avoid visiting that person house because self-respect is more important than any other.


2. Never Dry Umbrella In Someone Else’s Home


Usually, it is common for most of the people that instead of closing umbrella, they keep the umbrella open for drying. But don’t do that either in office or in someone else’s home. Just close it and hang it on a hook or keep it in the corner.


3. Never Keep Handbag On The Table


If it’s a small clutch then you can place it on the top of the table, but you should always keep the handbag either on the floor or hang it on the chair.


4. Reusing Plastic Bags


Whenever you visit super market, it is good etiquette to carry plastic bag along with you. If you have cloth bag then better use that. If not, take plastic bag with you. Don’t buy it again and encourage plastic stuff. Reuse it. In this way, you are also saving environment for future generations. This is indirect way of helping to mankind.


5. The Home Clothes


The clothes we wear should be comfortable to us. Whether you are in home or going outside, wear what comforts you but don’t roam in the home with sleepwear or bathrobe.


6. Knock The Door Before Entering


It irritates others if you enter their room without knocking their door. I should say this is the mandatory etiquette that everyone should have by default.


7. Elegant Hat and gloves


A woman can wear hat and gloves indoors as they are one of the most elegant, stylish accessories. Gloves keep hands clean and warm.


8. Put Full Stop To Too Much Accessories


If you are too much inclined to the fashion that you wish to wear a different kind of accessory every single day. Then limit that to 13 accessories to prevent yourself not so addicted to that in such a way that you can’t live without this habit.


9. The Queue And Elevator Sequence


I don’t see anywhere people having discipline especially when they stand in queue and in elevator. Never rush and push others.


10. The Prestigious Seat


The most prestigious seat in the car is behind the driver seat. And it’s for a woman.


11. The Movie Hall Rule


Reach to your seat facing the people who are in the way already sitting.


12. Sweet And Small Talk 


Unless your conversation is related to politics or religion etc., it is always better to keep yourselves off from topics involving politics, religion, health, money.


13. Keep These 9 Things A Secret


Never disclose your age, wealth, family quarrels, religion, your medical problems, love affairs, gifts, honour and disgrace! But it’s our unfortunate that people intentionally ask these questions and harasses us. So, better avoid and ignore those people.


14. Never Speak Bad About Others


Just because that person is not present, never speak about that person badly. No one likes that behaviour. If you want loyal friends in your life then never ever do that. Our Vedas says, if you speak badly about others, you are taking 1/4th of their sin. So, beware!


15. Be Aware With Your Public Behaviour


Always treat others with utmost respect in public even if you know that person has bad attitude. Remember, praise in public but reprimand in private.

Rules decide the discipline of the person and that nation. Don’t agree? Then these check shocking school rules in Japan.

Do you want to share some more manners? You are always welcome to share us in the comments.

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