7 Reasons Why Dynamo Magician Is The World’s Best Magician

Dynamo MagicianDynamo Magician

Whenever we hear the word “Magic”, the person that comes to mind is harry potter. So many magical, extraordinary things takes place in harry potter novel series.

But, the magician “Dynamo” can show even more mind-blowing things through his magic in real-life

Dynamo amazes his audience through his magic by transforming snow into diamond, walking on water, swallowing jewellery and taking it out from stomach and much more….

Steven Frayne who is known by his stage name “Dynamo” is the world’s best magician. His show Dynamo: Magician Impossible has received many awards.


1. He Could Fly Next To A Bus

One of his best known public stunts is flying through London next to a double-decker bus that too just mildly holding onto the bus with one of his hands.

Not believable? Watch this video


2. He Walks On Water

Dynamo shocked many casual bystanders by walking right across Thames until he was picked up by a police boat in the middle of the river.


3. The Amazing Phone In The Bottle Trick

From one of the spectators, he borrows a bottle and a phone from another one. In just one swift movement, he manages to get the phone inside the bottle. To verify it, someone called the number; it is indeed the same phone.

4. He Walks Down A Building

Dynamo leans over the roof and starts walking downwards! He walks down the entire building and then just walks away like it was nothing. It amazed people on the street since there were no wires or anything similar which could hold Dynamo up.

Here is a video of this wonderful illusion.


5. His Unbelievable Tricks On Pharrell Williams Which Shocked Pharrell

Dynamo does tricks on Pharrell Williams, who simply cannot believe his eyes. Dynamo uses his necklace to get back the mint in his mouth that he just swallowed!

He later turns his credit card into Pharrell’s credit card! And for the great finale, he makes one of the coins disappear from Pharrell’s hand and appear under his watch!

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6. His Shard Levitation Is Mind Boggling

Dynamo amazes everyone with his Shard Levitation illusion as part of his grand finale of Dynamo’s 4th season. In this trick, Dynamo is seen levitating on the Shard in London.


7.  He Wears Sunglasses From SkateBoard

Dynamo borrows the skateboard from DJ of Slipknot where three monkeys are painted on the bottom of the skateboard. Dynamo raises the skateboard up, hiding his face for a moment and suddenly puts the skateboard back down.

But now we see that the sunglasses have disappeared from the painting of the middle monkey on the skateboard, and Dynamo is wearing identical sunglasses!

Amazing tricks, isn’t it? Is there any other magician who could do this? He surely made his mark in the world of magic.

What do you say?

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