Negligence Of Road Construction Workers: Dog Buried Alive Under Hot Tar

Dog Buried Alivevia

We see in the newspaper every now and then that court giving judgments for the cases happened nearly 5 or 8 years ago.  I don’t know why this much delay in giving judgment in common man’s case. If some MLA or MP is involved, we know what happens to that case.

There is no justice for a human being especially if he is a common man. And obviously, we can’t expect animals getting justice. Some kind of cunning crooked humans can never understand the pure love of animals. Now, you may be thinking what this all about. Yeah. After reading this shocking incident, you will surely react. In Agra, road construction workers built the Fatehpur road over a dog with hot tar!


Yes. You read it right. It is shockingly inhumane in itself and locals said the dog was alive. It’s even more disturbing right! The dog’s body was removed and the Public Works Department (PWD) issued a complaint notice to the road construction company, RP Infraventure Pvt. Ltd.


Dog Buried Alive

Knowing about the incident, several furious citizens condemned the brutal act.

“Road construction company RP Infraventure Pvt. Ltd. constructed part of Fatehpur road over a dead dog in Agra. The dog’s body was removed after the police complaint was filed, PWD has also sent a notice to the company.” tweeted ANI UP, which also had a picture of the tar being removed with a crane to remove the dog’s body.

“The dog wasn’t dead. People nearby alleged that the dog was howling in pain. Such an inhumane act and the accused are still to be identified. Accused are still to be identified though being a worker of the company.” claimed Homi Sharma in his tweet.


This is how people reacted towards this incident.

1. Some Kind Of Humans Never Understand Humanity


2. Couldn’t They See? Will They Do Same For Humans?


3. Indeed Highly Horrifying


4. They May Escape From law But Not From KARMA


5. This Is Disgusting


Even though it happened in 2016, the gruesome viral video of how a couple of MBBS students thought it would be fun to throw a dog from the terrace is still etched in our minds. And now, this! This is heights of cruelty! Some people think that they escaped punishment for their crimes. But NO! KARMA will punish some of their heinous deeds in this world itself, and some in above world called hell. When they cry from there, even those shoutings out of pain will not be heard by any to come and help.

Do good and be good. Whatever you do to others that includes nature and animals, it will come back in some form. Karma is really atrocious. What do you say about this? Isn’t this incident irking you? Share us in the comments. Seems, these kind of acts are becoming common. What this guy did to the stray dog will make you astonish.  In another incident, the pregnant stray dog was thrashed. Read this.

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