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Day 1, FIFA 2018: Russia Beats Saudi Arabia With A Stunning Score Of 5 – 0

Day 1 FIFA 2018 - Russia Vs Saudi Arabiavia

First of all, Day 1, FIFA 2018 had a match between Russia and Saudi Arabia. In addition, The match took place at Luzhniki Stadium. Russia and Saudi Arabia’s previous encounter was only in October 1993. Furthermore, After many years, the two countries kicked it off in this match. In addition, This is Saudi Arabia’s fifth World Cup. They made their face game in 2006.


First Goal Of FIFA 2018

The first of FIFA 2018 World Cup was scored by Yury Gazinsky. In addition, Saudi Arabia did not clear the corner from the home side which led to Yury’s goal. Consquently, He scored the first shot on target.

In addition, The second goal was scored by Denis Cheryshev. The team made it possible with a fast left flank. Consequently, Denis fired the ball high into the net taking his side’s advantage and scored the second goal for Russia.


Half Time 2 – 0

In addition, Denis Cheryshev’s goal made him the first ever substitute to score in the opening match of a World Cup Tournament.

Furthermore, The third goal for Russia was scored by Artem Dzyuba. He made the move beating the attention of Saudi defenders and scored goal giving Russia a 3 – 0 lead over Saudi Arabia. In addition, The fun fact about this goal is, this is the third goal for Russia and Dzyuba scored this goal with his third touch of the ball! Amazing isn’t it?

Furthermore, The 4th Goal was scored again by Denis Cheryshev. It was a stunning goal and capped brilliant performance off the bench.

In addition, The final goal was scored by Aleksandr Golovin, ending the game with a 5 – 0 score, Russia took a massive victory over Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, Russia’s victory today ensured that the host nation has never lost their opening match. In any of the 21 editions of the FIFA World Cup, the host nation hasn’t lost yet their opening match yet. In addition, It is also the second biggest recorded victory by a host nation in their opening match. The first in Italy, they won the USA with a 7 – 1 lead back in 1934.


Did you enjoy the match? If you missed out on the match, check out the highlights of the match below.

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