Dead Body Can Remain For 100 Years Very Perfectly, Shocked? Read This



Dead body remains in a perfect shape for 100 years.

It was not known to the world until 1938.


Dani Tribal Death Ritual


American zoologist and philanthropist Richard Archbold accidentally discovered Indonesian indigenous tribe who uses a method to preserve their dead relatives by smoking the bodies.

By doing so, the skeletons can be kept in a near-perfect state for hundreds of years.

Still can’t believe?

See this picture where Dani tribe leader Eli Mabel holding the near-perfect body of their deceased relative Agat Mamete Mabel.


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They say, “Smoking keeps the skeletons in a near-perfect state for hundreds of years, but this smoking mummification ritual is not used today. We preserve as  a symbol of high respect towards our ancestors”.




However, tourists have been flocking to see the Dani tribe for over 50 years.

Villagers too hold mock fights to entertain tourists.






Men’s Attire




The men’s attire is very distinctive which includes face paint, feathers, animal bones and intricate penis sheaths named Koteka.




Women’s Attire




Women of Dani Tribe wear skirts made from woven orchid fibers decorated with straw and woven bags, worn from the head, named ‘noken’.


Dani Tribal Festival Is Unique




Every August the Dani tribe holds mock battles with neighbouring tribes – the Lani and Yali peoples – to celebrate the fertility and welfare of the Papua province as well as upholding ancient traditions.



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