18 months of pregnancy – Chinese woman creates record



Like every other woman when Van Shi found out she was pregnant should have been over to the moon and back and wished for a healthy and uncomplicated childbirth.

What fate had in stores seems to be different. In January 2015, Van Shi from  the Chinese province of Hunan had her due date predicted to be November by her doctors but when her due date passed without any event, she visited the doctors.

18 months Pregnancy


But even after the 14th month check up, the doctors ruled out the possibility of a Caesarean section as they found the baby's growth was suboptimal. The pregnancy seems abnormal due to such a long gestation period of over 17 months.

What does her doctor say?

Dr. Elena Silanteva is not sure anymore if Van Shi is still carrying the same child she was carrying since January 2015. She suggested a  2D ultrasound in B-mode which the mother refused as it might affect the fetus.

18 months Pregnancy


In a normal pregnancy case, the fetus shouls have stopped developing by now and the woman would have borne a dead baby. Since neither have happened yet, it looks like Van Shi is still carrying her fetus. Even if the fetus seems to be as it should be in its 38th week (9 months) of pregnancy, even if it is already at 17th month of  pregnancy. 

Van Shi, like all mothers, does what she thinks is right and safe for her baby – protect it inside her as long as she can.

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