Hats Off: Daughter Saved Her Father By Donating 65% Of Her Liver

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True love is always unconditional. Every parent will have love on their children naturally but not every child will have the same love on their parents. We see many incidents every year where children leave their parents in an orphanage. And some leave them on roads. Whereas some children scold and vex at their parents daily for some reason. There are some stupids too who beat their parents after getting drunk. So, there are hardly a few cute ones who treat their parents as God. The daughters of Sudip Dutta are one such. Ruby and Rakhi Dutta, who are the daughters of Sudip Dutta are very strong and bold girls. Rakhi gave 65% of her liver to cure her dad of the deadly disease.


This Is What Happened


Mr. Dutta was admitted to the Narayana Hospital, Kolkata for almost 20 days as he was suffering from Hepatitis B positive and doctors advised him for a liver transplant.

The hospital charged 35 lakhs for the liver transplant. Even though he was under the treatment of Narayana Hospital for 20 days, there wasn’t any health improvement. They couldn’t find a liver donor. So, Ruby and Rakhi took their father to Asian Institute of Gastroenterology (AIG) in Gachibowli, Hyderabad hoping for better treatment of their father. After the medical checkup, Mr. Dutta was admitted to the hospital. Dr. Rajendra Prasad asked Ruby to donate her liver, she agreed at a go and her medical tests were done. But as the reports of the test, the liver structure of Ruby was totally different. So, if she gives 65% of her liver it would be risky for her survival.


The Daring Decision Of Rakhi


Then Rakhi was approached for the liver transplant. After medical tests, reports revealed that her liver structure matched with her dad. She readily agreed to give 65% of her liver to cure her dad of the deadly disease.

Sudip Dutta had 80% lifetime risk of survival and Rakhi had 0.5% life risk. Ruby is 25 years old working in a media firm, on the other hand, Rakhi is 19 years old aspiring cinematographer.

Both the daughters took all the responsibility for their dad’s well being and stayed by his side for 4 months in Hyderabad.


Kudos to both the sisters for taking decision courageously to discharge their father from the hospital on medical bond and bringing him from Kolkata to Hyderabad. It is equally admiring that the young brave soul 19-year-old Rakhi agreed to donate her liver.


Girls Are Not Weak

Rakhi Dutta Liver Donation

Girls are not a burden, they are strong, brave and bold.  Truly they are an inspiration to “those “ who never care of their parents.

God has given a beautiful life to everyone. Every part of the human body is very precious. When any disease causes or an accident happens, then only some people realize the importance of the body. Our human body is a temple. God has given 5 beautiful senses, namely eyes, ear, nose, touch, speaking ability.

Just imagine how your life will be without all of these. Can you imagine a life without any ONE sense?

Horrible! Isn’t it?

That is why Vedas says, there is no remedy for a person who never shows gratitude towards God.

Health is precious. Only those who suffer from pains realize the deep meaning in it. The wealthiest person in the world is the one who doesn’t need to visit any doctor in his life.

And it is truly a blessing to have loving children. Mr. Dutta is one of the luckiest parents who is blessed with affectionate daughters.

There are some parents who feel girls are a burden even in this digital world. And to such parents, the daughters of Mr. Dutta is the answer. In India, 500,000 girls were being lost annually due to female foeticide. I just don’t understand in what way boys serve their parents better!

The job of a parent is not over after producing a baby. The real responsibility lies in bringing up them properly.

If you pamper your children by teaching ethics and moral values, then your house will be heaven. Or else, it will be a true hell and you will be put in an orphanage after taking your property.

What Rakhi did is an eye-opener to those who think girls are a burden and to those who scold and vex at their parents every day.

What do you say? Share us in the comments. The daughter became a matchmaker for a widowed mother to find love again. Let’s wish a speedy recovery to Mr. Dutta.

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