19 Extremely Creative Logos With Hidden Meanings In Them; How Many Can You Spot?




Logo is the representation of any organization. Some logos are so famous that whenever we see them, we instantly remembers the name of an organization. Today we will see some most famous creative logos which defines the new level of creativity.


1. Spartan Golf Club


This one is literally amazing. You can see a golfer and a Spartan head. Creativity at its best. Kudos to the creator!


2. Le de Tour France


You find anything different in it. Have a look again. Still NO. Let me tell you, here you can see a stick figure riding a bike in the letter ‘R’.


3. Yoga Australia


Do you find anything special in it ? See it again, you will find Australia’s map in the gap created between the hand and the leg. Isn't its creativity at its best ? smiley


4. Flight Finder


See the creativity, an airplane in between the two F’s which also denotes the first letter of the two words ‘Flight Finder’.


5. Coffee Night


Again an amazing creativity. You can see a crescent moon in in the coffee mug, Moon to represent Night as in the company’s name. So damn creative!


6. Lion Bird


You can see a Lion’s face and also a bird. *wondering what I am doing with my life*. indecision


7. Black Cat


This one is pretty easy to spot. You can see a cat’s eye, very clever use of ‘C’s.


8. Code Fish


A fish formed out of symbols. *can’t wait to try it so types it in here right away*

<*)))>{   Yep, it works. Good one!


9. Shift


The ‘H’ and the arrows blending in perfectly!


10. Magic coffee


What so different in it, see it again. You will find a cup of coffee or a magician’s hat?


11. Bar Code


A bar code in the shape of a beer glass with beer in it. Beer-tastic one!


12. Boundary


This is one is way too smart!


13. Freedom


The letter ‘M’ cut perfectly, showing a bird flying away representing the word freedom. How, like how do they manage to pull things off like this ? surprise


14. Baskin Robins


Look closer at the pink colored part of ‘B’ and ‘R’. They make ‘31’, which is the number of flavors they offer!


15. Goodwill


It looks like a ‘G’ in a corner but is actually a cartoon face smiling; or the other way around. Clever one, mate!


16. FedEx


A hidden arrow between ‘E’ and ‘X’. The arrow denotes how the company grows positively.


17. Toblerone


Do you see the hidden bear in the logo? I’ve had this chocolate for almost 17 years now and I’ve never noticed it till I read about it online. *shrugs*


18. Frankenstein Films


Is that a movie reel or Frank’s head? A frank one, indeed!


19. ED’s Electric


It’s a socket and a pin with ‘E’ in between them!

Mindblowing indeed! 

These minimalistic logos are so cool and creative! Let us know about your favorite ones in the comments below!

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