Here’s 5 Ways How Just Water Can Help You Reduce Your Weight – Fitness



Trying to lose weight? We got you covered!


1. It helps you to improve your workout efficiency


Recent report published in America, states that when you work out in gym, you body dehydrates a lot, which has an impact on your body to lose weight. Hence, drinking water reduces your body dehydration and helps you to lose weight.


2. Increases metabolism


Endocrinology and Metabolism Journal studies, states that drinking 3-4 litres of water everyday increases metabolic rate to 30%. Moreover, increasing the amount of intake of water may has the possibilities of burning calories.


3. Appetite killer


Drinking too much of water kills your appetite. Sometimes feeling thirty is a cue to feeling hungry. So drinking water may help you battle against fake hunger.


4. Helps detoxification


Adding lemon, cucumber and mint in water and drinking it helps your body to detox. Not only this, if you drink a luke warm water with lemon juice and honey early in the morning, while you wake up, may help you a lot to lose weight.


5. Healthy alternative to calorie drinks


Healthy drinking is always effective than drinking artificial liquid product, such as juice, cold drinks and other juices found in bottles or pouches.


Time to hit the watter bottles!

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