What This Car Driver Did To Help An Elderly Woman Make You Smile

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Not every day we see such beautiful things. A small act speaks a lot about the person attitude.

This video showing a driver positioning the car in such a way that blocking other vehicles to let an old woman cross the street on the zebra crossing will leave a smile on your face.

Usually, we experience bike riders and car drivers doing rash driving which lead to many accidents. And not everyone stops for long periods of time to let pedestrians pass unless the traffic signal compels them to do so.

There are so many things people do without any intentions and help the society in the best possibe way they can. Few months back we have discussed about the story of a person who is on a mission to stop people from suicide. Isn’t this a heart-warming incident? Share us in the comments. Opposite to that we have seen such incidents as well where you will shame the humanity. There was a incident happened in Bengaluru where a passenger was beaten by more than 20 people and the reason, you will be surprise to know. He asked for a seat belt. Yes, you read it right, he asked for a seat belt and cab driver along with his fellow mates beat down that man without any mercy.

Life is too small, we need to decide what we have to do with it. Whether to become an inspiration for the next generation or to became a shame. Choice is yours.

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