These 11 Pictures Shows How Manushi Chhillar Transformed Herself

Manushi Chhillar Transformationsvia

Are you trying hard to maintain fitness? To keep up your spirit in your fitness journey, just look at how Miss World 2017, Manushi Chhillar transformed into a beauty queen who brought home the title that was evading India for 17 long years.

These pictures speak that she worked extremely hard in her overall training under designer Rocky Star who helped Manushi Chhillar to transform into a beauty queen. Rocky told

“When I first met her (Manushi), she was raw. She had just won the Miss India title. But over the months, I have seen her groom herself and become the amazing woman that she is now. Manushi has really worked upon herself.”

Just have a look at the pictures.


1. First Posting At Operation Theatre


Manushi Chhillar’s first posting is in the operation theatre. Can you recognize her on the left?


2. With College Team


At the college with her colleagues. As there is a saying, Never Judge A Book From Its Cover.


3. At College Garden


Looking cute, isn’t it?


4. Airport Look


Manushi Chhillar descent looks at the airport.

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