World’s First Ever Underground Graveyard Is Being Made In This Country

Underground Graveyard



Have you ever thought about how much area is being covered each year by graveyards? Have you ever thought about what would happen if there is no space left in the city for the burial? Where the dead would be buried? Probably you have no answer but the Govt. of Israel came with an idea that will be a remedy to the space problem in the graveyard. The Govt. of Israel is making underground graveyard for this purpose.


A Solution To This Regard

Underground graveyard

There are many places in the world that are dealing with the problem of space for the graveyard. However, it seems like they have found a solution in this regard.


Underground Graveyard In Jerusalem

Underground graveyard

The first ever tunnel for burial purpose would be made in Jerusalem of Israel. There is no adequate space left on the ground hence the govt. has to dig the 1.5 mile long tunnel which is planned to be as deep as the height of 15 story building. This burial tunnel would be well equipped with all the facilities. Moreover, it is expected to be technically sound.


About The Project 

Underground graveyard

According to sources, 5 entry gates will open in the graveyard and it will have the capacity of 23,025 graves. Furthermore, three elevators will be situated to make it easily accessible. From a report, it is stated that each year 4500 graves are required in Jerusalem.


Enough Graves For The Next 25 Years

Underground graveyard


With this project there would be enough graves for the next 25 years. This is a new method that will definitely be helpful in other areas where the space is not adequate for the graveyard.

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