A 25-Year-Old Boy Tried To Take Extreme-Selfie With Train But Landed In The Clutch Of Death

The Extreme-Selfie Trend Has Caused Many Lives


On Wednesday a video went viral. In the video, a young man is seen trying to shoot his video with a high-speed train. Probably, he had no idea how fatal the extreme-selfie could be until the accident took place.


Extreme-Selfie Has Took Many Lives


The selfie craze has reached the extreme levels and it has already caused many lives. The people do extreme things and try to capture the moment by themselves. This is immensely dangerous but the desire of an extreme selfie overlooks the danger while eventually leading the people in the jaws of death.


A Boy Tried To Take Selfie With Moving Train


The 25-year-old boy named T-Shiva, a resident of Borabanda was pointing a finger towards the upcoming MMTS train his friends tried to admonish him from the danger but he did not listen to them.


He Met An Accident


The train blew the horn multiple times but he stood firm before the train struck his arm and touched his head a bit. Luckily the man survived the bizarre accident but he was rushed to the hospitals. He got some head injuries and some broken limbs. Now his condition is stable is far away from the shadow of danger.


Everyone Is Shocked


We hope, watching the death this much closer, he would have changed his mind about the extreme-selfie. The video went viral on social media and everyone is shocked by this. A lot of the people are calling him daring but to be honest it is foolish. The man could have become just another extreme-selfie fanatic to lose his life in the process.

Check the full video here.

People are going extreme for the selfies, this may sound cool but it is foolish. Life is precious; we should not put it in jeopardy just to get a picture. Agree? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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