Sanmenxia- The Underground Village In China, More Than 3,000 People Live In The Village

The Village Holds The Artistic, Architectural And Scientific Values

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DBChina is well equipped with the modern technology and some of the cities in China encompass ultra-modern architecture. However, there is also a mysterious village in China which is famous for its quirky architecture. Established 4000 years ago, Sanmenxia village of China is also known as the underground village.


Sanmenxia Underground Village

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The village is well equipped with all the modern facilities. More than 10,000 houses are building underground in the village and it is the resident for 3,000 people who are living in the village for centuries.


The Village Can Withstand The Natural Disasters

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The one of its kind’s village is designed in a way that it can resist earthquake and sound. Moreover, the villagers belong to all the classes in the society. Some of them are very rich who have got their house pleasantly decorated. On top of that, there are more than 100 courtyards in the underground village. The courtyards have the facilities with separate bathrooms, seating rooms, and bedrooms.


It Holds The Architectural And Scientific Importance

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According to the experts, the village holds the architectural, artistic and scientific importance. The walls are quite thick and they can withstand the flood. Moreover, the underground houses save them from the parching heat. The average temperature in the village remains 20 C during the summer and 10 C during winters.


It Is Being Developed For Tourism

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The underground courtyards have been seized under by the govt. of China since 2011. And, now the govt. is aiming to turn the place into a tourist spot. It is reported that the place will be accessible for the tourists before the end of this year.

Looking at the pictures, the underground village titillates us and we cannot resist the impulse to visiting the place. What do you say? Isn’t it a heavenly place for art and architecture lovers?

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