Even Blindness Didn’t Stop This Couple To Achieve Their Dreams



It needs a great will power and dedication to reach pinnacle position in life.

Nothing could stop them in fulfilling their dreams, not even their blindness. These couple stands as an inspiration to whole world.


What Makes Them Special?


Inspite of their blindness, sanjay chouhan and his wife Meena got the best government teacher award in Indore.

The principal of Naveen Malavkanya School, Pratibha Laad said: “These two are excellent in the work. They do not seek special favour and share the burden equally with the other teachers”.


Their Inspirational Journey




Having a thirst and passion to do something in life, Meena started learning Braille from Mahesh Drishtiheen Kalyan Sangh situated in Vijay Nagar, Indore.


“It was hard for me to learn Braille and live with blind kids in the hostel at the beginning, I couldn’t understand it, but teachers and other students supported me there and helped me learn all the subjects.”


Meena started her teaching career in 2007. In 2012, both husband and wife got transferred to Indore.


Meena said, “Initially, it was quite difficult to manage the class and the students took advantage of my blindness. However, I soon gained their confidence. Now, they do not disrupt the class.”


“I ask one of the students to read out text and then I explain it to them,” she said.

Her husband sanjay chouhan too faced similar difficulties in initial days.

When asked about teaching method, couple said, “Books are available in Brail but one single ink printed book is equal to four books in Brail.”


After Surgery, Meena Lost Vision


At the age of three, Meena was diagnosed with cataract but after the surgery she lost vision in one eye and other was left with low vision.

She did her schooling from Doodhiya in Sanver tehsil with partial blindness till class 10 after that she went completely blind.

Even then, she didn’t stop there, Meena has completed her graduation from Girls Degree College, Moti Tapela and B.Ed from Hellen Keller Education Academy, Indore.

Her husband sanjay could see blurred images initially, but now he is completely blind.

Meena has been teaching social science in Naveen Malavkanya School No 5 for the past nine years. Sanjay is also a teacher in the same school.


Couple Shows Employment To Others


Sanjay who is an active member of Rashtriya Drishtiheen Sangh helps others in providing education.

“We help visually impaired with education. If someone is not able to pay their fees, we make arrangements for it. They are supplied with audios and books. We help them with employment as well,” he said.

Sanjay and Meena have two daughters with proper eyesight.

Really admirable. Isn’t it?


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