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As per the Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey, 2015, 30% of phone owners just look at their devices 15 to 30 times a day. We are living in the era where we have gone completely digital. I would personally prefer to call it i-generation. Technology is our teacher, mentor, caretaker and sometimes even the doctor.  The people born in the mid-90s will hardly be able to connect with the term called Digital Detox. But the people who have experienced the technology vegan world will be able to decipher the words, Digital detoxification.

Shun the gadgets:

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It literally means, shunning all gadgets and technology for a certain amount of time such as mobile phones, laptop or computers, and even TV. Almost 90% of people in Time Poll admitted that they cannot go through even a single day without carrying their phones along.  

Feel Real Gestures of Love

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We are experiencing the time of the history, where the world is probably most possibly connected, yet we have never felt that much alone before. That’s because of the replacement of gestures of love with the digital smileys, emoticons, and short clips.

Going to meet a real friend instead of having long chats on the phone with exaggerated emoticons, will probably land you the feeling of a real hug, a genuine smile, some laugh out loud jokes and in bonus, probably some hand cooked food or snacks. I guess, that’s how our family gatherings used to be!

Carry your uninterrupted mind outdoors

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Moving out of the house seems much more meaningful when carrying nothing else but just your own un-interrupted mind. That’s where digital detox becomes necessary. Often, we will find videos on Youtube, people trying to shun their devices for 24 hours or 48 hours trying digital detox for them, because they want to experience the roots and the basics of life.

Soon, it is going to be a need just like our hair and body spa treatments.


While performing the process, one may feel like everything has stopped around him and may find it boring. But, that’s when we actually budge on our decisions to stay locked in our houses and step out of doors!

Detox hours of the day

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If one find it just too arduous to shun his/her phone for a long whole day, even we can choose some hours in the day, eliminating all gadget contact from the living life(apart from sleep hours of course!).

Morning hours are best according to me because that’s when we completely own our brains and the moment we check any email or message, we just get busy solving some other’s problems. So, discover your best suitable detox hours and keep them for going back in old times and meeting the basics. 


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