Watch: The Batsman Hit Wicket Goes Unnoticed As Non-Striker Batsman Fixed The Stumps


Cricket is a game of uncertainties. The umpires play an important role in the game. Most of the times we have seen the spirit shown by players in the cricket field. While many times we have also seen some controversial decisions and actions in the field which is not good for the spirit of the game.

One of the hilarious incidents took place in the Indian domestic match. The batsman guided the spinner towards the leg side and opted for a single. Everyone in the field was looking at the ball, but the real surprise was in the pitch. The batsman who played the ball on the leg side has dislodged his bails from his body while playing the shot. Means he got hit wicket. But the players from the opposite team were unaware of this as they were looking at the ball.

Meanwhile, the real twist came when the batsman at the non-striker end took the single for his partner and immediately fixed the stumps and the bails. This was hilarious as nobody except his batting partner noticed that the bails have been dislodged and he fixed it for his teammate. Watch the video below.

Isn’t it hilarious? Well, getting out on Hit Wicket in the game of Cricket is one of the rare ways of getting out. You will not see this happening every day in the International Cricket. Till August 5, 2019, there are 159 batsmen have been dismissed hit wicket in Test cricket, 69 batsmen in One Day Internationals, and 12 in Twenty20 Internationals. The rarest ways of getting out in the game of Cricket is timed out, obstructing the field, and hit the ball twice.


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Praneet Samaiya
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