The Important Truth You Must Know About The Safety Of Baby Powder

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When a baby is born, among some of the first baby bath products and skincare products that parents buy for their newborn is baby powder. A staple in diaper bags and family bathrooms all over the world, baby talc is used by almost all parents or their children during baby bath time.

The key ingredient in baby powder is the mineral talc because of its ability to absorb moisture. This talc contains the minerals silicon, magnesium, and oxygen and sourced from the underground deposits, crushed, sorted and graded and then milled to a powder before being used in cosmetics. Because it is sourced from below the earth, it may contain carcinogens such as Asbestos which is a known carcinogenic.

Johnson and Johnson use only pharmaceutical-grade talc in their baby powder. For more than a century, the company has created a legacy of a baby powder that is pure, safe and gentle enough for babies – a product that mothers can trust.

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But, in December last year, the company suffered a huge setback with Johnson and Johnson baby powder cancer news after a Reuters report alleged that there were traces of asbestos in its baby powder. Following this report, The Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) ordered Johnson and Johnson to stop using the talc raw material from its Mulund unit in Mumbai and Baddi plant in Himachal Pradesh for any production; until further notice. Under orders from the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO), drug inspectors collected over 100 samples from stores, wholesalers, and distributors across the country, to test for the presence of asbestos.

However, after government tests found no asbestos in the product and confirmed the Johnson and Johnson baby powder cancer news is not true, the company were able to resume production of its baby powder at both the plants within a short span of time.

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In an NDTV.com report Johnson and Johnson said, “In recent months, regulatory authorities from Singapore, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, and Egypt have also reaffirmed the purity of Johnson & Johnson’s talc.”

Additionally, clinical evidence, research and nearly 40 years of studies by independent medical experts from around the world supported that the Johnson baby powder cancer news is not true. Many governments and non-governmental agencies, such as the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel and U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Harvard School of Public Health, and Mount Sinai Hospital have also investigated Johnson and Johnson baby powder and confirmed to be asbestos-free.

With the media and science debunking all the news related to Johnson & Johnson baby powder cancer, it is now proven to be completely pure and safe for newborn skin.

With research recognizing baby powder to be safe, here are some of the benefits of using baby powder as part of your baby’s daily routine

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  • Johnson baby powder is perfect for use after a warm bath and diaper change to help the baby’s skin feels soft, fresh and comfortable.
  • Since powder absorbs moisture well, it helps cut down on friction and it can be used to keep the skin dry and helping to prevent rashes.
  • Baby powder can be used in the folds of the baby’s skin to help prevent sweat rashes and itchiness.
  • During humid months, you can use a light amount of powder in armpits, neck creases, leg folds, and other areas to avoid skin rash
  • It can be used after bath as it will absorb the extra dampness from the skin and will complete the general cleaning routine
  • Some mothers use baby powder as a dry shampoo to help their hair absorb extra greasiness and smell fresh when they don’t have time for a wash
  • Some households use baby powder to freshen their bed linen and give it a fresh feel.
  • Additionally, the internet offers ways to use baby powder in beauty routines and for various DIY hacks

However, like all products, one needs to follow all the instructions mentioned on the label of Johnson baby powder and use it in a proper manner. Here are a few do’s and don’ts related to using baby powder.

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  • Never shake the baby powder onto your baby directly. Sprinkle it on your hand first – away from your eyes and nose and then pat the powder on the skin of the baby
  • Clean any residual powder in the folds of your baby’s skin with a soft cloth every time you give them a bath or change your baby’s diaper. Never allow a buildup of the product.
  • Never use powder if the infant’s skin is broken, bleeding or oozing. Use a diaper ointment and consult your doctor
  • Store the powder out of your baby’s reach

Today, Johnsons and Johnsons Baby talc cancer news have been proven wrong across the world and parents safely can continue using the century-old brand for their kids.

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