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Check Out The Average Weights of People In Different Countries Around The World

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An average human being weights around 62kgs. Food and lifestyle vary from country to country this brings up the interesting question, where do the heaviest people in the world live? The average weights of human beings are not same in all the countries, as the reason above says, but in which part of the world lives the Heaviest and the Lightest people of all? Let’s have a look.


1. The USA

Average weights of People

The average Men here weights 88Kg and Women weights 75kg. Thanks to the Fast Food lifestyle of the USA that gets the heaviest people in the world.


2. Canada

Average weights of People

The average men weights 80kg and women 68kg. Although being near to USA, Canada has managed a better lifestyle for its people.


3. Germany

Average Weights

The average men in Germany weights 82kg and women 68kg. Not so far from Canada though.


4. England

Average weights

Average men in England weights 84kg whereas Women weights 69kg. Although British lifestyle isn’t unhealthy the Fast Food culture has seemingly taken over England as well.