These Are The Punishments Given To Rapists in Different Parts of The World

Punishments to Rapist in Different countries via

Rape is one of the most heinous crimes. Several lives are affected by one rape. Not only a crime but it’s a social threat that exists in our society. Government is always looking for better punishments to punish the Rapists but also a punishment that becomes an example for others to not do this Crime. But different countries punish Rapists in different ways. Where India is still emerging with better ideas to punish the Rapists, there are other countries where the justice is above the lives of Rapists.

So, here are 10 countries and this is how Rape is punishable there.


1. China

Punishments to Rapists

This country might not be democratic but it knows strict laws and uses them against offenders well. In China, the punishment of a Rape is Death Sentence. In some cases, a serious harm is done to the genitals of Rapists. However China fails to conduct a proper trial before eviction, as a result, many innocent people are executed for nothing.


2. Saudi Arabia

Punishments to Rapists

Saudi Arabia holds the most strict laws against sex offenders. For them, Rapists are the worst offenders and hence once the trial is done they Sedate the Rapist and behead him in public. Sometimes they even stone the Rapists to death.


3. The Netherlands


In the Netherlands there are strict laws against rape, hence even a French kiss without consent is punishable here. The best part about Rape laws in the Netherlands is that they recognize sexual assault on Prostitutes and consider them punishable. The Rapists here are punished with an imprisonment of 4 to 15 years depending upon the intensity of the crime and their age.


4. India

Rapists In India

India is continually improving it’s rape laws and made them stricter in 2013. Now in India the punishment of rape should not be less than 7 years according to the Anti Rape Bill. Also, now the juveniles are treated in a strict manner if their offence is heinous. Also in exceptional cases, the death penalty is also awarded to Rapists.


5. Norway

Rapists in different countries

Here any sexual activity which is done without the consent of the other partner is considered as rape. Also, a punishment of 4 to 15 years is given to the Rapists in Norway.