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Check Out The Average Weights of People In Different Countries Around The World

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13. South Korea

Average weights

Korea being a developed country has a healthy lifestyle and a rich food culture. The average men here weigh 69kgs and women 57kgs.


14. North Korea

Average weights of People

Not being much apart from each other these two countries vary a bit in their average weights. The men here on an average weights 59kgs and Women 49kgs.


15. India

Average weights of People

Being the second most populated country India has a rich food culture that varies in all parts of the country. The men here on an average weights 77kgs and women 65kgs.

So, these were the average weights of people in different countries. Also, talking about weight problems, some of our celebrities suffered from them but overcame them. Click here to know which famous Bollywood celebrities overcame their weight problems.