Anupam Mittal Cancels His Plan To Buy Elon Musk’s Tesla; Find Out The Reason Why?

Elon Musk Anupam Mittal

Recently there was a storm that dwelled upon the internet regarding the removal of blue ticks on Twitter by Elon Musk. The blue ticks from the accounts of the verified personalities disappeared out of the blue. Some prominent figures who lost their verified ticks include Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Bill Gates, and many more. However, we now find that the blue ticks are back on the profile of celebrities. But, Shark Tank India shark Anupam Mittal showed his rage when the blue tick was washed away from his account.


Anupam Mittal Is Angry On Blue Tick Removal

Anupam Mittal

Anupam Mittal thought of expressing his fury via revenge and decided to buy a Tesla Car. However, the CEO of Shaadi.com quoted through Twitter that he has now canceled his plan to buy the car after the blue tick was lost. The tweet was catchy enough to grab the attention of the keen readers.

Several Users Called Him A Hypocrite

Elon Musk

Some users called Anupam a hypocrite. The user reminded Anupam about the Shaadi.com platform and told that it also charges the same as Elon Musk is charging for the premium subscription plans. There is a user named Devesh Tiwari, a Twitter subscriber who questioned Anupam Mittal’s hypocrisy. He said, “Is it, not hypocrisy where Shaadi.com charges the same but is a problematic phenomenon for paying 8$ for using another platform”? Hence, the users were furious, and several controversial statements were tweeted.

Several other users criticized him for being unable to make his monthly payment of Rs 560 while owning relatively sizable business enterprises. “You may compensate for @Tesla. However, you cannot contribute $560 for @TwitterBlue,” said member Mitul Mehra. In all honesty, you don’t merit one. Moreover, other individuals proposed the Tiago EV, a reasonably priced electric vehicle offered in India.


Many Celebrities Called Elon Musk On removing Blue Tick

Twitter Elon Musk

Other prominent people and famous personalities, such as Amitabh Bachchan, called out Musk for removing the blue tick. But soon, it was solved. After a lot of chaos, all the public figures got their blue tick back. Elon Musk also volunteered to pay for the subscription plans for various personalities, including Stephen King and the other LeBron James. This incident grabbed the attention of the masses, and the news flooded all the social media platforms. Not only that, several posters, including memes, were circulated concisely.

The King was also not amused. Stephen King even asks Musk if his blue tick should be given to the charity that displays the rage he has developed within himself. The King also quoted that Musk must deliver the blue tick to the Prytula Foundation, which provides lifesaving services throughout Ukraine. He even mentioned the price, which was mostly around eight dollars. King referred that Musk could even add more to that amount if needed. This gives us an idea about the heated atmosphere that developed around Twitter lately.

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