India’s First Water Metro Launched In Kochi; Here Is Everything About It

India's First Water Metro Kochi

Technology has continually advanced the way people live, and a country operates. Advancing in every field, India recently welcomed its first water metro. The leading nation now embraces its first-ever water metro in Kochi.

On Tuesday, India’s Prime Minister inaugurated Kerala‘s first water metro. This project costs ₹1,137 crore. A water metro will connect the ten islands in and around Kochi. Cochin Shipping Ltd has manufactured these boats.

With eight boats, the project’s initial phase has just started. Seventy-eight swift hybrid boats powered by electricity will be released once the project is completed. Families living around Lake Kochi’s coast will find it simpler to access the Main Market because of the decrease in pollution. More than a million island residents will benefit from Water Metro. PM Modi said,

“Cochin Water Metro’s project is unique and ‘made in India’. For that, I congratulate Cochin Shipping Ltd. From Water Metro, people living on many of the islands of Kochi will find cheaper and modern transportation. In Kerala, this experiment will also be a model for other states in the country.”

The two main components of Kochi Water Metro are:


1. Boat

Water Metro

There will be 78 environmentally friendly boats operating. Of them, 23 boats can accommodate 100 passengers, and the remaining 55 boats are capable of carrying 50 people. Along with these boats, the main fleet is supported by four rescue boats for maintenance and situations of emergencies.

A lithium titanium oxide (LTO) battery powers the tube. The battery has a 122 kWh capacity. Thanks to the innovative battery technology, the boat can be charged in 10 to 15 minutes. Superchargers have been installed in floating jets in selected locations. The boat also has a backup generator.

This boat is entirely air-conditioned. Its big windows allow passengers to glimpse the outside. Furthermore, the inside is created to provide Metro Travellers with the finest possible service. The boat’s construction ensures that even smaller waves are produced at high speed. The operating control center in the Whiteila hub allows the automatic boat location system to keep track of the boat’s position constantly. In addition, the CCTV system can monitor the boat’s operations from afar for improved safety.


2. The Boat Terminal

Kochi Water Metro Kerala

According to size and capacity, there exist three types of boat terminals. Major, Intermediate, and Minor Terminals. Peak Hour Traffic (PHT) is the basis for terminal planning. Terminals with 1000PHT are considered significant, while those with 300–1000PHT are considered intermediate. Minor terminals are those with less than 300PHT.

The areas of each boat terminal are separated into paid and unpaid sectors. The ticket office, the ticket machine, and the station control are in the free zone. The paid area is equipped with a waiting area, restrooms, etc. In addition, every terminal has an automated fare collection system and a turnstile system for counting passengers.


Kerala’s Dream Project

Kochi Water Metro

The Kerala Dream Project is what it is known as. The project has received funding from both the Kerala government and the German firm ‘KfW.’ The Water Metro will operate from the High Court-Vipin Terminal and the Vyttila-Kakkanad Terminal in the initial phase.

The Chief Minister of Kerala claims that travelers can travel from High Court Terminal to Vipin Terminal without getting delayed in traffic in less than 20 minutes and from Vyttila to Kakkanad via Water Metro in 25 minutes.


Kochi Water Metro Ticket Details

Kochi Water Metro Kerala Inside

The cost of a boat trip ticket ranges from Rs 20 at the lowest price to Rs 40 at the highest price. Regular passengers can purchase monthly and weekly passes. It costs Rs 180 for a week’s pass. This can move twelve times.

The cost of the pass for 30 days with 50 journeys is Rs. 600, while the cost of the pass for 90 days with 150 trips is Rs 1500. Both the Kochi Metro Rail and Kochi Water Metro accept the Kochi One Card for payment.

The Kochi One app also allows for the digital reservation of tickets. Boat Metro services will operate from 7 am to 8 pm. The commercial operation of the water metro will start on April 26.


Kerala Water Transport Department

Kochi and the Vypin Islands are connected by over 200 boats operated by the Kerala Water Transport Department on various routes. These services have, however, come under fire over the years for several reasons, including the fact that they frequently run late and neglect passenger safety. Additionally, some private players run a few small services.

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