Mukesh Ambani Gifts A Property Worth Rs 1500 Crore To His Longtime Employee Manoj Modi

Mukesh Ambani Gifts Property

Mukesh Ambani is an Indian billionaire heir to the fortune of Reliance Industries. Furthermore, we all know that he is the richest man in India. Both with money and at heart. He is popularly known for treating his employees in the best possible manner. Recently, this Indian business tycoon bought a property worth Rs 1500 crore. Not for himself but for one of his employees. Sounds crazy? We totally agree. However, it is absolutely true. If you are curious about it all, you are at the right place. Read on to enlighten yourself.


Mukesh Gifts His Employee A Property In Mumbai

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While this may sound crazy to you, it is true that Mukesh Ambani gifted property in Mumbai to his employee and friend. The name of that employee and friend is Manoj Modi. Manoj Modi is one of the closest people of Mukesh and is often referred to as his right hand.

The property he bought for Manoj Modi is almost worth Rs 1500 crore. proves so. Furthermore, the property that Mukesh bought for his pal has about 22 stories. In addition, it is spread over an area of 1.7 lakh square feet.

This gorgeous property is located nowhere else but in Mumbai. It is located in the Nepean Sea Road region of Mumbai, Maharashtra. The property gifted by Mukesh Ambani to Manoj Modi is designed by Talati & Partners LLP. Furthermore, as per several reliable sources,  some house furniture is brought from Italy.


Bond Of Mukesh Ambani And Manoj Modi

Mukesh Ambani Manoj Modi

You must wonder what is so special about Manoj as an employee that Mukesh gifted him such a luxurious property. Well, Mukesh and Manoj go a long way back. Both of them were one another’s batch mates and studied together at Mumbai’s University Department of Chemical Technology.

Later, in the 1980s, Manoj Modi joined Reliance under Mukesh Ambani’s father, Dhirubhai Ambani. Consequently, it goes without saying that the friendship of Manoj Modi with Mukesh Ambani and his wife Nita Ambani is for many decades now.

You would be astounded to note that Manoj Modi is the brain behind many multi-billion dollar deals of Reliance. Moreover, he works closely with Mukesh Ambani’s children, Akash Ambani and Isha Ambani. Furthermore, even though the man is straightforward and full of principles, he is a very hard negotiator.

Manoj Modi is currently serving in a crucial role at the company. He is the Director at Reliance Retail and Reliance Jio.

What are your thoughts about this friendship? Do you think Mukesh Ambani gifting such expensive property is a very elitist trait? Or is it special? Do share your thoughts via the comments below. 

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