Ajay Bijli, The Chairman Of India’s Largest Multiplex Chain PVR, Explains Why The Popcorn Is So Expensive

Reason Why Popcorn Is Expensive In Multiplexes

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There was a time when both movie tickets and the snacks sold in movie theatres were affordable. It was within reach for most people. However, going to the movies has become more and more expensive in recent times. Not only are ticket costs high, but food and beverage costs have also increased significantly. The weekends are when this mostly happens. Popcorn munching is a necessary component of the movie-going experience. Its inflated cost has therefore hurt moviegoers the most. In a recent interaction, Ajay Bijli spoke on this issue.


Ajay Bijli In Recent Interview

PVR Cinemas

PVR Cinemas’ chairman and MD is Ajay Bijli. He recently spoke up after facing harsh criticism for the snacks price issue. Ajay acknowledged that consumers could not be held responsible for their complaints about pricy snacks at PVR Cinemas. He stated clearly, though, that the F&B prices won’t change. It’s because India is still converting to multiplexes from single screens. The snacks will therefore be at high prices to pay for these and other operating expenses.


Ajay continued by saying that they would need to spend money fitting several screens into a small area. They also need to upgrade or install the infrastructure and pay the rent. He commented that single-screen theatres used to have just one projector and one sound system. The theatres’ foyers never had air conditioning. According to him, expenditures increased 4 to 6 times as a result of multiplexes. Presently, theatres would have the same number of sound systems and projection rooms as screens. Additionally, every multiplex now has a fully air-conditioned foyer.


More About The Issue

Popcorn Expensive

The F&B Business is currently worth Rs. 1,500 crores, according to Ajay Bijli. He added that if consumers were dissatisfied with the quality of the snacks offered at their multiplex, this would not have been possible to do. Before the pandemic, according to Gautam Dutta, CEO of PVR Cinemas, PVR used to raise ticket prices by 5-7% annually. The price of a ticket has now increased by up to 23%. According to him, PVR had to take this action to pay for escalating rent, maintenance, and electricity costs. Interestingly, the company’s best-ever quarterly revenues of more than Rs. 1000 crore were achieved in Q1 of FY 2022–23.

In conclusion, Ajay expects the accomplishment of the PVR and Inox merger. As a result, in his view, the price of popcorn is justified. Therefore, keep in mind the effort the brand is making to provide you with a positive experience. However, snacks and movies are the best combinations for most Indians, which are present in the theatre. The cost of everything in the theatre, including the popcorn, is a burden on the common person.

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