Inox Megaplex Is World’s First Multiplex Which Offers Six Cinema Formats

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Every week we see new movie releases. The experience of watching the movie is changing drastically. India is the highest movie viewing population in the world with about 2.5 billion tickets sold annually. Gone are those days in which we use to sit at the balcony or box or reserve or first to watch the movie. Now the multiplexes are growing rapidly and it is also enhancing our movie experience. High-quality sounds, big screens, there are many ways technology is improving and it is bringing altogether a new level of experience, an astonishing experience. Now it is moreover multiplex because megaplex is here. Yes, you read it right. We have seen multiplexes with an average of 5 to 6 screens. But multiplex chain Inox Leisure Ltd has launched its biggest offering to date, Inox Megaplex, it has 11 screens and it is the biggest Inox multiplex.


Inox Megaplex

Inox Megaplex Screen Formats

Siddharth Jain, Director of Inox said that we have gone up to nine screens at R City Mall in Mumbai. But this Megaplex in Inorbit Mall, Malad, Mumbai is an 11 screen theatre and is built at over 60,000 square feet. This is Mumbai’s biggest multiplex. It has a total capacity of 1586 seats with the capability to screen 60 shows and provides entertainment to the audience size of 6000 guests per day. The ticket prices are between INR 100 to INR 1000, all depends on day and time. The movie ticket prices also vary from city to city.

Not only this, but Megaplex also offers more than 200 dishes of food and beverages also includes a buffet. The cuisine ranges from Indian, Lebanese, American, Thai, Italian, and Oriental. Alok Tandon, the CEO of Inox Leisure Ltd said, this is the first time the buffet has been made available in any cinema hall.

Talking about 11 screens, it has six different cinema viewing formats and is the most format rich cinema hall in the world. Inox Megaplex offers a mixture of internationally acclaimed and also their home variants. Let us check the six different formats and their features.


1. Insignia

Inox Megaplex Screen Formats

Inox Insignia is a four-screen, ultra-luxury seven-star format offering an amazing and luxurious movie viewing experience. It has recliner seats, laser projection, butler on call and serviced by a live kitchen.


2. Kiddle

Inox Megaplex Screen Formats

Kiddle is a format specially meant for kids. It is occupied with vibrant seats and interiors. The lobby is also designed in a way where kids can enjoy, rejoice and even celebrate.



Inox Megaplex Screen Formats

IMAX is the most premium screen format in the world. Inox claims that IMAX offers a 40 percent larger image compared with the standard screen, a dual projection system, and the highest quality 3D experience.

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