You Will Fall In Love With These 7 Adorable Robots.



Will there be anyone who doesn’t like Robot? I guess “no”. Sometimes I wish I would have Robot to help in kitchen tasks and in house cleaning. Funny, isn’t it?

But there are some adorable robots which actually help in your daily tasks. Let’s have a look at them..

1. VYO- A personal assistant


It allows you to “talk” to your smart home, but it’s really more like an adorable, intelligent pet. If it finds any problems with a device, it “breathes” and swivels its head to signal distress.

2. PARO- comforts you


PARO’s plush, furry design is meant to comfort people in a way like a therapy animal. If you have original animal, there are some difficulties like getting allergies, poop or torn curtains etc. But with PARO, you feel that you are with an animal and no need to worry about its care etc. It is especially soothing to patients with dementia.

3. The Droid – follows you


This cute little robot can self-charge, play music, follow you around the house and smile with its eyes and it communicates through chirps and beeps

4. Robot dog- helps in delivering packages


This little robot dog which was actually named “Spot” can run, climb stairs and deliver packages! It’s still in development but it’s been able to deliver packages to people’s doorsteps about 70% of the time.

5. Ants that helps in building structures


MicroFactory which is SRI International’s newest venture is a tiny robotic “ant colony,” where thousands of tiny robots “swarm” to complete jobs together. They are creating this to make it work alongside 3D printers in factories, building structures out of the raw components the printers create.

6. ATHLETE- All-Terrain Hex-Limbed Extra-Terrestrial Explorer


The six-legged prototype is being designed to stride across the surface of the moon. Once the design is completed, this robot should be able to interface with devices like refuelling stations and excavation implements, keeping permanent installations going.

7. Micro bots- In the blood


The “Robot Pill” which is a tiny capsule with a magnet and a camera is used to help scientists screen for cancers from inside the body. The “Plaque Buster” is set loose in the bloodstream to scrape plaque off the walls of arteries.

Isn’t these robots are amazing ones? Did you feel atleast once to have Robot that helps you in daily tasks which is totally harmless? Share us in the comments.

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