13 Stunningly Unique Houses In the World That Makes You Wow


It’s everyone’s desire to have own house which is luxurious. But these guys thought in a very different way that they built their houses very uniquely. People are competing to build houses with a variety of architectural styles. Have a look at these castles.


13. Heliodome, France –  A Bio Climatic Solar House


This house is constructed in such a way that it will save energy and make your life very comfortable. The building follows the sunlight depending on latitude. The solar panels on the house help it to stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Solar panels on the edge of the roof supply hot water system.


12. Habitat 67, Montreal, Canada –  A Three-Dimensional Modular Building System


Moshe Safdie, an Israeli-born architect who moved to Canada in the 1950s, first developed the concept as part of his thesis at McGill University entitled “A Case for City Living” but people actually live in this amazing community building!


11. Futuro, Sweden – UFO house


Matti Suuronen designed this prefabricated spaceship-shaped house and most of these houses are located in Finland, the architect’s homeland.


10. The Mirror House, Italy –  High-class luxurious vacation homes


It is set in the marvelous surroundings of the South Tyrolean Dolomites, amidst beautiful scenery of apple trees, just outside the city of Bolzano. The whole house is basically an open space with a bedroom, which has sliding doors that can be pushed into the walls.


9. The Mechanical Hobbit House, Czech Republic –  Eco-friendly


It has won many awards for eco-living and eco-housing. It took almost 3 decades to build, but it is certainly strong and durable.


8. The Nautilus House, Mexico – Giant inhabitable seashell


It’s a non-conventional home that follows nature’s principles of design. It is open for public viewing throughout the year. As you enter, you feel like you are being welcomed into the belly of a living creature. The construction is certainly something special.


7. The Stone House, Portugal – Resembles a Stone Age building


It certainly reminds us of a time when humanity lived in caves because the whole place is carved into a stone. The furniture is made of logs. The couch is made of a large eucalyptus tree that weighs about 350 kg. Because of its originality and beauty, this place has attracted curiosity of many tourists throughout the world.


6. Rotterdam Cubic Houses, The Netherlands – A cutting-edge housing


It is curious and magnificent architectural wonder located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Their unique appearance has gathered a lot of attention. You can stay there but need to book in advance and see this fantastic cubic structure for yourself.


5. The Shoe House, The Netherlands – The attractive shoe house


This shoe house is so cute that it looks like as if it jumped straight from a cartoon. This is the home of Alfred J. Kwak from a 1990 Dutch cartoon of the same name.


4. The Shoe House, South Africa – The exotic honeymoon place


Another Shoe House is situated in the South Africa and was built in 1990 by entrepreneur and artist Ron Van Zyl. Initially he constructed this house for his beloved wife Yvonne who wanted a shoe. It’s a three-storey building in front of which is a nice garden.

It was inspired by the old nursery rhyme “There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe.” It’s now a museum with the artist’s works, and also includes a guest house, a restaurant, a swimming pool, a curio shop and a small Chapel where weddings can be held.


3. The Biomorphic House, Israel – Futuristic free-shaped house


This was built by the French architect Ephraim Henry Pavie. It looks like a magical world where you escape the limits between floors, free shaped walls and ceilings. It feels as if you are relaxing in a large peaceful luxurious space ship anchored over a magical landscape.


2. The Upside-Down House, Germany – Crazy house


It has become a social media star due to the fact that everything is upside down. The house and cafe belong to an imaginary family called the Toppels and the house appears to be sitting on its roof, while a car hangs precariously parked at the top of the building. You will even find a toilet above your head in the bathroom.


1. The Toilet House, Korea – World’s first toilet theme park


Located in Suwon City, South Korea, this toilet-shaped building is open for visiting all year. The house itself is the largest toilet sculpture in Korea, and has two floors of exhibitions about how important toilets are to the health of a society.

Amazing! isn’t it? Do you know any other stunningly unique houses? Share us in the comments.

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