A Shameless 80 Year Old And 5 Others Raped A Teen For 6 Months

Teen raped by 5 people for 6 months via

Rape has become a common act in India these days. Men not only rape the victim, but also kill her after she raises her voice against them. Under the threat of shaming her, six men including an 80-year-old man raped a minor girl in Jabalpur for almost six months. The torture ended only when the girl realized that she was pregnant and confided her parents.

Teen raped by old man and 5 others

The Accused Has Been Arrested By The Police:

Police have arrested five of the accused, but the octogenarian, identified as Sukhdev Tiwari has escaped. The 16 year old victim told SP Sashikant Shukla that a man from her village, Bhura Rajak had raped her six months ago. She did not tell anyone, fearing that her family would be ostracized by the community. Taking advantage of her silence, another person identified as Vachan Rajak raped her.

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He threatened her that he will tell everyone in the village she was a rape survivor unless she gives in. Vachan and Rajak repeatedly raped her after that, says the girl’s complaint. After this four others named Sukhdev, Sonu Rajak, Rajkumar Rajak and Ravi Rajak also exploited her and forced her into silence with threats of exploiting her in public.

Teen raped by old man

The girl was scared that her family would suffer if they were ostracized, so she suffered quietly. Past week, she realized that she was pregnant and told her mother. Her family helped her file a complaint at Khamaria police station on Wednesday night.

Girl raped in MP

Cops swung into action and rounded up five of the accused. SP Shukla has taken down the survivor’s statement, and said that they will track down accused Sukhdev. All the accused have already been charged with criminal intimidation and also rape. The five accused were produced in the court and then sent to jail. Blood samples were also collected from them for their DNA tests.

Such a shameful act! These rapists don’t deserve to live. They should be hanged to death or be given life imprisonment! This is becoming an endemic issue in India right now. Read how a girl got raped in Hyderabad by a Facebook friend inside a movie theatre!