Water Of This River Is So Hot That Anyone Falls In It Will Be No More


Water is the most important thing we need to survive. But hot water can kill us. Covered with mystery, the Amazon rain-forest is a place where the gap between fact and fiction seems to blur. Although as scientists probe deeper into this enchanting jungle, few of its myths are turning out to be true. Stories of a boiling river have thrived for generations. A geophysicist named Andrés Ruzo has been studying this apparent deviation of nature since 2011.

Boiling river in Peru is so hot

Andres Ruzo Said,

Andres insists that he did not “discover” the river. This has in fact been known about by local Amazonian communities for centuries. Yet somehow it has never been officially found. Many unanswered questions still remain as to the cause of this incredible sight. Ruzo’s work has finally begun to reveal some of its mysteries. The natural hot water sources are nothing new. And geothermal springs can be found all over the world in places like Iceland and Yosemite. However, they are generally located in close proximity to the volcanoes. Still, Peru’s boiling river is more than 700 kilometers (435 miles) from the closest volcanic center.

Hot water river in Peru

Briefing the river, which the locals call Shanay-timpishka. Meaning “boiled with the heat of the Sun”. Ruzo explains that “the most amazing thing about it is the size. After all, you don’t really need a volcano for a hot spring. But when there are no volcanoes nearby, they’re not usually this big.” But, the hot boiling water flows for 6.24 kilometers (3.9 miles). Along with an average temperature of 86˚C (186.8˚F). The river is wider than a two-lane road for most of its length. And the energy required to heat up such a large volume of water to such high temperatures is very high.

This river is so hot that you can cook

He Also Explained The Following About The River:

He explained how the river is hot enough to kill plenty of the animals that fall into it. Which is something he saw happen during the TED Talk in 2014. He also describes how “the first thing to go off is the eyes”. After which the flesh of the animal begins to boil. Thus it’s certainly not the best place to look into. The biggest question is where this heat comes from. According to chemical analysis which was carried out by Ruzo, the water is meteoric. Meaning it originally fell as rain first. Exactly where it had landed is still a mystery. But his research very close to figuring that out.

Depth of the boiling river

Post falling, the water seeped deep under the ground.  It was heated up by the Earth’s geothermal energy, before emerging again in the Amazon. It is all part of a vast hydro-thermal system, which is only made possible by an “astonishing plumbing system”. Not just the river itself totally is “unique on a global scale,” but also some of the life forms that live in it. With genetic analysis of these so-called extremophiles being identified as several new species,  they are not seen anywhere else.

geophysicist named Andrés Ruzo

Andres said that before reaching the hot river, he had doubts about whether it was natural. Assuming that it may have been caused by “an oil or gas-well went wrong.” Although his research has now put these doubts in vain, he said that he has decided to hold most of this data back from the publication. Until the Peruvian government puts the measures in place to safeguard the river. From those who might exploit it as a free energy source.

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