File Cased Against Singer Papon For Kissing A Minor Girl On Facebook Live Video


Affection is not a bad thing. But the society never accepts it. So this exactly happened in this article. A Supreme Court lawyer filed a complaint against Assamese singer Angarag Papon Mahanta also popularly known as Papon. With the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights for an ‘inappropriate’ act of showing affection to a minor girl, reports said. Since Papon was allegedly seen kissing the girl who is among the contestants of a reality show who he is mentoring on a Facebook live video. “It was an act of “affection” which should not be misconstrued” the lawyer and rep of Papon have said.

Popon judging Voice Of India

Case Against Papon:

Now Papon is one of the judges on Voice India Kids with singers Shaan and Himmesh Reshammiya. Hence he sang a few Holi songs with the children and adolescents. Papon kissed her and smeared color on the her face. He was seen asking his team members to end the video after it. A Lawyer Runa Bhuyan said in the complaint, “I am very shocked to see the behavior of Papon Mahanta towards a minor girl where he is putting colors on a minor girl and then kissing the girl”.

Popon kissed minorrity girl

Hence Partha Gogoi, Papon’s manager, told a local website. While the act is not supposed to hurt the sentiments of any individual. And that it was not wrong in anyway, which is why they don’t see any reason to pull off the video from the official Facebook page of Papon.”

Papon Voice of india judge

Papon’s Lawyer Gaurang Narang Said:

 “Anyone will not put anything against him on the public domain to make it a complaint. It is very sad that a lawyer who has done this maybe has this kind of thinking. Quite disturbed by all this”,  he said to a statement by girl’s father. “Don’t ruin the relationship between a guru and a shishya.” he said.

Therefore check the video below,

See what the father has to say about it,

First of all, Papon sir is a mentor and a father figure to my daughter. And he always encouraged her to fulfill her dreams. He never differentiate amongst the children who are participating and also gives them an equal guidance.

In conclusion, complaint will take the singer to the Supreme Court. Being the mentor, it is not a good thing to do such acts. Therefore, not all artists are like this. Check out this list of  7 Best Male Playback Singers, That Made Bollywood Melodious And Pleasing!