8 Delusions Around The World About India That Are Way Too Wrong!



The best thing about India is its rich and cultural diversity. In every 100 kilometers, the language changes, and every state here has its own customs and traditions. Attracted to this wide range of diversity, many foreigners visit India and taste the opulent heritage. Despite the fact that they tend to like India, they have some really incorrect and wrong misconceptions about the country. To make sure, no one spreads a word against India, we are here to make you aware of such delusions. Read on to know what the entire world thinks of India, and what actually it is!


All Indians Have A Dark Complexion


Foreigners believe that as we move towards the north, the skin tone gets lighter, whereas, in South India, the skin tone gets dark. They need to understand that the weather conditions of these two places are totally opposite to each other. Also, we have witnessed Bollywood beauties that are fair and are absolute beauties.


“Indian” Is A Language


The people from India may find it completely senseless, but foreigners think that Indian is a language mainly spoken in India. In a country where language changes every 100 kilometers, this statement is completely contradictory.


All Indians Are Vegetarians


India may have the maximum number of vegetarians in the world, but not all Indians are vegetarians. 


It is Really Hot In India


As in all the other countries, India also witnesses three seasons. So, it is totally untrue that it is hot in India. We should probably invite the foreigners in the winter season and take them on a tour to Kashmir and Manali.


Indian Food Is Too Spicy


On one hand, where India is renowned for its multi-cuisine menu, the foreigners think that the Indian food is too spicy for them to eat. We need to get them some idlis from South and curd rice.


India is poor!


This is a biggest misconception most of the people believes in. The Oscar winning movie, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ they might have developed this vision regarding India, but they are completely mistaken. We should show then Mukesh Ambani’s gigantic house or the big fat Indian weddings.


“Chai” Is The National Drink Of India


We have hundreds of other drinks that are far better than chai. Coconut water in the South and the rich coffee in Tamil Nadu will surely leave them shocked!


India Has Only One Religion- Hinduism!


In a country as diverse as India, it is totally senseless to believe that only one religion exists. Jains, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs etc. reside here with equal pride. Variety is the best thing about India, and what tops as a cherry on the cake is the feeling of brotherhood amongst all the religions.


There are many inventions done by Indians which you will be proud of, you can check here. This small video of Indian acheivements will definitely worth watch.

All I can say after this is I am proud to be an Indian! 

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