5 Life Lessons by Legendary Baba Sehgal!



If you think Honey Singh is the only good Indian rapper then you should get your facts right because in the early 90’s there was someone already who did rapping before it was cool. Yeah, I’m talking about the original Indian Rapper Baba Sehgal!


If you haven’t spare some time for his compositions yet, its high time for you check out these 2 hits!


Rihanna O Rihanna (2016)


Aloo Ka Paratha (2015)

Wait, they’re just his songs. I know Baba’s lyrics might’ve killed you from deep inside but real life lessons lies in these 5 tweets!


1. Now you know time is precious. 


2. This is not a Sri Sri endorsement.  


3. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! 


4. Life hack for males to impress their crush. 


5. Too much philosophy bruh. 



Love him or hate him (nahh not possible), he’s the best. Wait, let me go to Baba Sehgal mode. 

Karo matt skip article tum kabhi last ka, accha laga ye ending part toh daalo rating paanch ka. Don’t kill me please.

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