IPL will be conducted twice a year? YES!



This news surprised me for a while, but President Anurag Thakur Board of Cricket Council in India (BCCI), said this himself!

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"In the month of September, the BCCI is willing to host a mini IPL or IPL overseas" Thakur said at the end of the board's working committee meeting in Dharamsala on Friday.

MINI IPL! The name suggests it all. But wait. Before you imagine something else, know what Mini IPL is all about!


1. What’s Mini Indian Premier League aka Mini IPL?

Mini IPL is nothing but another IPL tournament which will be organized every year in September by BCCI. Event will be sponsored by the respective sponsor of the season.



2. Wait, what’s mini in there?

The word Mini here holds no shorting in the number of teams, native players or overseas players. Its all about the number of matches which will be reduced. Although the number of matches aren’t decided yet so more on that later.


3. Where?

This has all come out of letters from some franchises who wanted to play friendly matches in USA” said by a senior BCCI official.

Matches will be held Overseas.


Its all about BCCI wants to reach to its Indian fan base residing in countries like New Zealand, Australia and England. A huge money will be involved and another bunch of scam is ahead (no offence).

Although mini IPL will be surely welcomed by the Players and the fans alike!



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