5 Incredible Applications Of Virtual Reality



Virtual Reality is a computer technology that can replicate an environment and simulate user’s physical presence and make the user able to communicate with the environment. These are programmed to artificially create sensory experience which may include sight, touch, hearing and smell. These are already being considered to be a giant step in the field of Science and Technology. People have already started speculating about their possible usage. Here are some fields where use of virtual reality can prove to a boon for Humanity:


1. Surgery

Surgery is a complex process and requires several years of high intensity training. Use of Virtual Reality could therefore revolutionize the industry as it would allow students to practice procedures in a controlled and safe environment. In 2014, Dr Shafi Ahmed performed a surgery which was filmed full 360 degrees. This could be used by medical students worldwide to watch it if through their eyes. This technology could also be helpful in experimenting new surgical techniques.




2. Tourism

Virtual Reality can take the tourism industry to a whole new level. Virtual Tourism is gradually gaining space. Various museums across the world such as British Museum, London have collaborated with developers to create real-time experience for users who could enjoy it from the comfort of their homes. It can also allow history enthusiasts to walk around reconstruction sites of ancient civilizations.




3. Cinema

In 2015, filmmakers premiered an innovative new medium called Interactive Film Viewing. Using Virtual Reality technology viewers are now able to see through the eyes of characters as if they are physically present there. World’s first Virtual Reality Cinema has already opened up in Amsterdam. If experts are to be believed, this could take the film industry to whole new level.




4. Crime Investigations

Researchers have suggested that 3D computer reconstruction could prove to be an invaluable tool for investigators. The use of Virtual Reality could allow them to survey crime scenes even after they have been closed without the risk of contaminating evidence. This could also allow judges to have a look at the evidence more minutely than photographs.




5. Porn

Adult Films Industry is looking at this technology with great hopes. Sites like Pornhub have already come up with 360-degree content for their users. Various hotels in Las Vegas have started offering virtual reality porn to their guests. Viewers are now able to have a real-time experience of adult films.



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