Reservation in India.Do we really need It ?


Our ancestors said India is a developing country and we are saying India is a developing country. In the future also, we say India is a developing country. What is hindering India’s development?

There are several things which are preventing India from development. One such is Reservation. Dr. B.R.Ambedhkar brought this policy to uplift the downtrodden and in the amendment it is said to be stopped after 10 years so that all will be equal. There is a vast difference from the times of Dr.Ambedhkar and today’s present scenario. It is the financial strength that decides the future of a person. What is happening?

Politicians are making use of this reservation to get votes. They are afraid that if they remove reservation they won’t get votes and their seat will be occupied. Caste based reservation is one of the stumbling blocks that India is facing. There are so many victims of reservation in every field.

All OC are not rich people. All BC, SC, ST are not poor people.


Government has to think it very seriously. Education is not reaching to the needy ones. Because of this reservation, Poorer are becoming poorer and richer are becoming richer. There is always injustice to the meritorious in the name of reservation. The person who got 39 th rank in Medicine will serve society better or the person with 30,000 rank will serve better? Why merit is seriously discouraged in the name of reservation? We are losing meritorious doctors, scientists, engineers, lawyers because of this reservation. If this continues, India will always be a developing country.



The rich people in every category create certificates of low annual income and availing the fruits of reservation. What government is doing to prevent this? The goal of reservation should be providing education to every person in India, removing caste, equalizing rich and poor barrier. So, what can be done to do this is the question.

What Can Be Done?

These are the necessary changes to be done in the present reservation system in India.

1. Reservation must be given to Economically Backward Classes, handicapped people.

2. Remove caste column from school to college level and job while filling application form. Please make India free from caste.

3. Financially poor people must be encouraged for education

4. The person who has own house or own vehicle or own land or gold or some descent amount in bank must not be eligible to claim for reservation.

5. While issuing income certificates, it is to be seriously checked the background of every person who applies for income certificate. No chance should be given for corruption.

However, Gujarat government has taken initiative to provide 10% reservation for Economically Backward Classes among General Category who has an annual income of less than Rs 6 lakh. They can avail 10% EBC reservation in educational institutions and Government jobs. This initiative is really remarkable and interesting as they are trying to ensure equal opportunities for all. In addition to this, Gujarat government also announced to continue Mukhyamantari Yuva Swalamban Yojna (MYSY) for the youth to give subsidy in higher education fees who could not get benefit under the 10% reservation.

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