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15 Things That Ruin A Healthy Relationship, So You Should Avoid These

Healthy relationship



People get attracted to each other and start living in a relationship. For some people it is hard to hard to find a relationship partners. But everyone finds his match somewhere at some point of his life. Furthermore, they hope the hard part is over. However, after going through the relationship for 5 to 6 months they find the hardest part, which is to keep the relationship going. So today we have brought you the 15 things that ruin the relationships and how to avoid them.


1. Criticism

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Being sarcastic and humorous can be good one or two times but if you criticize your partner every time and keep on telling your partner that “your IQ level reminds me of basement”. Clearly, you are just tossing a hint that you are not a right choice.


2. Keeping Your Stuff Away

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If you are keeping your stuff away from your partner, you are showing how much comfortable you feel when you are away from them


3. Taking Everything Personally

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Well sometimes your partner can be sarcastic and you do not need to take it that much personally. Your partner expects so much from you and a little humor is no big deal. So sarcasm can be a repellent from both sides.


4.  Over Demanding

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Being in a relationship means you have to sacrifice some of you need. However, being over demanding can lead you to separation.


5. No Apologizing

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Everyone make mistakes and you just need to be man enough or women enough to admit your mistake and take a little time to apologize.


6. Putting Your Needs First

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Everyone has needs, but when you are in a relationship you are in for some responsibilities. Hence, next time you should not argue like kids if you need to watch cricket or have any need.


7. No Forgiveness

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Maybe your partner realizes his/her mistake and now apologizing for that. However you are not accepting that. Undoubtedly, you are indirectly asking your way out.


8. No Discussion Of Matters

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Discuss matters and problems with your partner. There will not be any miracle which will make your partner to know your problem without telling.


9. Doubts

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No denying, the little doubts are necessary in the relationship as you are aware about what’s happen in “Savdhan India”. However being a Sherlock Holmes is not going to do you any favor only the annoyance to your partner.


10. No Understanding About Each Other’s Expectations

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You need to understand about the expectations of each other. And, do the things whatever please him/her. 


11. No It Is Your Fault

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In the earlier days of your relationship you never blame your partner no matter how much problem you face because of hem/her. However, after a few months you try to find chances to pass the blame to your partner.


12. Less Time You Give Them

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The less time you give to your partner the more distance it will create between the two of you. Surely, it will reduce your interest in her and vice versa. For example you do not listen to your favorite song for a time you will lose interest.


13. Excess Of Time

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To illustrate, if you listen to your favorite song 218 times a day that song will sure to make your shit list.


14. Trying To Change Him/Her

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It usually happens when you try to change someone but get that someone negatively prejudiced about you.


15. Lies

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Admittedly, lies are the word things that you need to invest in your relationship.


Relationship can be failed from more than one way and it is quite impossible to avoid it. All we need to know is the need and expectations of our partners and try to give them real happiness. Are you agree? Please write your views and reviews in the comment sections.


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